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#1648209 Eruption of Pures Declare on Final Ownage ~ P2P Fullout

Posted by Guest on 11 March 2017 - 01:30 AM

The golden era have decided. We are declaring on final ownage on their anniversary in clan wars. Too long has the community declined us action in clan wars so for the first time in history, EoP will do the unthinkable:



We challenge Final Ownage to a P2P Fullout on your own anniversary.





1 round

1 def cap

venom on




Let's see if the 'True Kings of P2P' can square up and maintain their infamous title, or risk losing it to the new era of the highest and best pulling clan this year has yet to see. Mother EoP awaits your response, final ownage.


Saturday; March 18th; 2017.


Will you step up to the plate or bow down to mother EoP?


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#1647379 Dear Final Ownage Members:

Posted by @Nick on 10 March 2017 - 10:10 AM

I'll start by saying this. Half your leadership and clan are lying to you. Do I blame you? no. I for one have good relations with the leader of your clan and understand what the true reality is, but with an incredibly poor rank team, it's hard for him to make good changes to fo. Recently I have been notified that your members are getting fed up and sick of not moving above level 15 wilderness and reminiscing about the 'good ole days where adhi would fight down ops win or lose'.



So riddle me this;


This weekend, mother EoP will pull undoubtedly 90+ pures (aiming for 100+). We have dropped our mains and have given the pure community another chance because we strongly do believe despite contrary belief, that strictly pures is the correct way to play this game (even tho we can crush the scene with or without mains). Despite the promised single hits we will give to supremacy, we will happily and I mean happily fight you in deep wild. If your members or leadership tell you otherwise, they are lying.


It's concerning to see the fo memberbase so concerned about having very little action and camping wilderness only located below chaos altar and you may not believe me when I say we are welcoming the challenge you are so thirsty and hungry for, but we are here to provide it and beat you at the game aswell. This is a current era in EoP no era of final ownage will ever of been able to keep up with.


Challenge Accepted.



anyway, I'm sure my beautiful members in EoP who are reading this and wondering why there are no juicy board leak pics to go along with the topic thus far and I'm here to assure you those will be provided (as always) in my topics. This time however it will be at the end.


The crumble of the incompetent final ownage ranks: (Fake high council; Elliot, True Whip, for example):



The Problem:




The Horrific Excuse/Ranks (true whip & elliot):




The Truth:





Ending Thoughts:


For not one second, do you think we have taken our eyes off of defending our title as the #1 pure clan since the start of the year. Don't think for a second this clan hasn't forgot about cluster124 (any clans that make up this alliance) and their unwillingness to prep us. Just because we are dealing with an extreme lower tier hpc and bullying them into oblivion does not mean we have taken our eyes and attention elsewhere.



your anniversary is only a week away, will you step past 15 wild?

#1642138 Attention: Pure Community

Posted by @Nick on 05 March 2017 - 12:17 AM

You guys have longed and begged us not to bring mains. The deal? you would prep us. simple. However, no clan that make up the anti-EoP alliance, the infamous #Cluster124 (everyone besides cp) has accepted a prep vs mother eop.


Unfortunate, that time is now up.


Today we were shown that even with 85 strict pures, no clan is capable enough to sort their rank teams or members out and prepare to fight us in clan wars. We have no problem with this, but be prepared for the inevitable that is going to happen. Because we were promised preps that were not delivered, and an inevitble 'cluster 124' aka pure community teaming up on us, we will accept and show you this full clans wrath. If you all thought that avoiding us in clw, not 1v1ing and lieing to us about preps was worth it, then think again.




The king of kings, our current leaders and rank team have decided:


This is now officially Eruption Of Pures & Mains vs Cluster124.



If you guys thought your tears before weren't salty enough, then you have yet to see the worst.


This begins from tomorrow, every pure will have a main so you can fight us 160 vs 200 every single weekend or midweek any of you go out on.


See you tomorrow.

#1717835 Eruption of Pures Leadership Outsmart & Outplay over 35 years of combined...

Posted by Tannie on 25 May 2017 - 10:06 AM

First let me address my friend in fatality, Hej @Obbyx Remember dont ever pipe up to me again.






Fatality's 25m : 01da104b2fc273bb7153255032e9aa89.gif


Fatality's 50m : 27e3a1ace070874ad0eb6c18ca41df2d.gif


Fatality's 75m : 9600f497459c73fc30429be1e691dd98.gif



FinalOwnage's 25m : 980725509b04f3ae20eeccd27b8bddb6.gif


FinalOwnage 50m : 592d57f469a6cac90c9853d0f4a0d21c.gif



Breakable 20m : 0df622dee2d3363b084fd1599540152f.gif


Breakable 40m : 9340b9725960377cf5a91e3326c82d0a.gif


Breakable 47m : 899bb4de7a4f1b8165798a9ce73527c0.gif



Rage's 20m : 55f92f289a5e0d23d00d073c1eb6bc73.gif






~Special Shoutout~


@@Jamz for being the target of abuse. You have played a good victim. Oh btw just wanna tell you, i honestly hate you thats why i picked you as the victim, i guess after what we've been through you would have known your place by now. x]



@Murd @@Nick @@debb with providing the fake names to fool all the clans and editing of fake leaderboards



@Rage's Jizzle 4 the extreme trust. I love rage so pm me on irc, i'll give back half the money.



@FO Jack for paying for nick's dinner with holydreams



@Braden for paying 7m for a fake hostmark lmfaooooo





Last but not least @[Fi]Obbyx @Joseph for co-operating this community wide troll wuu2 jamz trilogy. Without Fatality's help, i alone would have never made it possible. 


Oh btw,






u actually thot lmfao.

#1536010 Fatality's story so far - Chapter IV: Revenge

Posted by @Nick on 07 September 2016 - 02:26 PM

Fatality's Story So Far


Featuring: [RD]Bruinz, [A]P1Z4, [Fi]Couck, [Fi]Sunday, [Fi]Whisky, [Fi]Jons, [Fi]Kenny, [Fi]Bday


Written & Produced by the greatest duo the intelligence community has ever seen in RuneScape pure clanning history;


Lil Nick & Treehugger28


Click here to read Chapter III - Crisis


Initially, it would become clear later down the road that two people who shared a dire passion and a belief for aggressive pure clanning, would soon be lead down the path that fate lay out in front of them in their clan of respected choice. They would be presented with a tough challenge that would soon create a fork in the road for the future of not only their clanning lives, but for the clan they represented themselves, the heart beat, of the clan if you will.


Monday; March 28th, 2016; 01:28AM


[Fi]Nick is removed and kicked from Fatality.


The slump begins.


EoP leaks A52, A51 & Elder boards along with 550k lines of #A52 ranked irc channel.


With the removal of the greatest of his time rank they had, the inevitable slump for them really took a turn for the worst. If Dulls era of EoP wasn't already hurting them enough, there was simply no coming back from this. Fatality took a nose dive from the sky and continued of their down-hill spiral. Losing their rivalry to RD, and having absolutely no hope vs EoP.


The Fatality rank team was now taking a turn for the worst. They knew what they had done was a HUGE mistake, and hope was starting to run slim. Some jumped ship, some simply went afk and member after member continued leaking in protest of the ranks decision making and direction of the clan.


Friday; 15th April, 2016 (2 months later)


[Fi]Halloween steps down officially and for good.


Wednesday; 18th May, 2016. (3 months later)


[Fi]Lex steps down officially and for good.



Wednesday; 8th of June, 2016 (5 months later)


[Fi]Jons steps down officially and for good.




This is when things took an absolute turn for closure. The only chance Fatality ever had left of getting out of the yearly and day by day slump EoP has managed to successfully hold on this clan was done. They removed their most aspiring rank yet.



Saturday; July the 30th, 2016 (6 months later)



[Fi]Treehugger28 is removed and kicked from Fatality.


words from the man himself:


It's sad that this day has to come. But it's unfortunate that this has been once again forced by clueless leadership.

It's sad that ONE clan had to KICK 2 dedicated HIGH-COUNCILS that did everything for the clan. Spending numerous amounts of money on the clan.

If nobody had touched me, disrespected me or banned me this would not have happen, but it is time for a new home, new era and NEW LEAKS.

Point of views you have never seen before.


I feel welcomed to the DARK SIDE of the runescape pure community. Now my talents will not be limited by rules or honor.


Here is a little preview of what the intel brothers do when they are together. Enjoy & much more to come.




Father Rebel aka Treehugger28




Without further ado; We Present:


121k lines of #A52:






[01:02] <+Joseph> why we need to survie thorugh this 30 pulls
[01:02] <@gorilla_of_fi> yh
01:02] <+Joseph> lets close with peace
[01:03] <@[Fi]Couck> LOL
[01:03] <+Joseph> ?
[01:03] <+Joseph> whats funny
[01:03] <@[Fi]Couck> i won't close untill we #1 again




20:24] <@[eOp]dull> [21:35] <@[Fi]Jons> yo
[20:24] <@[eOp]dull> [21:35] <@[Fi]Jons> what if like 
[20:24] <@[eOp]dull> [21:35] <@[Fi]Jons> a clan closes or some shit and we get some good ass members and become #1 clan in p2p and f2p and pull 100 on weekends
[20:24] <@[eOp]dull> [21:37] <+Joseph> keep dreaming




[03:35] <@[Fi]Bruins> we cant even win anything
[03:35] <@[Fi]Bruins> might as well close
[03:35] <%Tyrone> yh can we close already
[03:36] <%Tyrone> so i can sell my pures



[19:37] <@[Fi]Couck> well yh
[19:39] <@[Fi]Couck> u know we are slumping when team cape buys for 50%



[20:11] <%[Fi]Bday> 2 options

[20:11] <%[Fi]Bday> either i take this router and pay for a new one.

[20:11] <%[Fi]Bday> or

[20:12] <%[Fi]Bday> i wait till dull and nick stop playing the game

[20:12] <%[Fi]Bday> LOL

[20:12] <%[Fi]Sunday> Ye might as well quit then lmao

[01:11] <%Tyrone> "how do we slump eop without fighting them"
[01:11] <%Tyrone> what a pussy
[01:11] <%Tyrone> pusy
[01:13] <@[Fi]Jons> Tyrone
[01:13] <@[Fi]Jons> u do realize im asking bruinz
[01:13] <@[Fi]Jons> because he doesnt want to fight them
[01:13] <@[Fi]Jons> right lol
[01:13] <%Tyrone> o
[01:43] <@[Fi]Couck> yeah cus eop tyler
[01:43] <@[Fi]Couck> is from canada
[02:07] <@[Fi]Jons> the worst thing is when i was asking you about EOP
[02:13] <@[Fi]Rich> [Fi]Couck: 
[02:13] <@[Fi]Couck> yh
[02:13] <@[Fi]Rich> how do we beat eop witohut preping them
[02:13] <@[Fi]Rich> kappa
[02:13] <@[Fi]Couck> looooooooool
[02:19] <@[Fi]Jons> not even funny
[02:19] <@[Fi]Jons> was taken out of context
[02:22] <@[Fi]Rich> did you really lose to fucking eop in a fullout
[02:22] <@[Fi]Couck> in december lol
[02:22] <@[Fi]Couck> they hit 25 kids offline
[02:22] <@[Fi]Rich> why would you even rofl
[02:22] <@[Fi]Couck> jcup
[02:22] <@[Fi]Couck> i toldem to not go
[02:22] <@[Fi]Couck> but nooooooooo
[02:23] <@[Fi]Rich> you should of just not went like what lmfao
[02:23] <@[Fi]Rich> thats just sad
[02:23] <@[Fi]Couck> yeah thats what i said but everyone was like
[02:23] <@[Fi]Couck> "no its fun"
[02:23] <@[Fi]Couck> kids like [Fi]Lex
[02:23] <@[Fi]Couck> and shit
[02:23] <@[Fi]Couck> lmfao
[02:29] <@[Fi]Bruins> honestly im pretty sure nick was just a eop spy the whole time
[02:32] <+Joseph> [Fi]Rich
[02:32] <+Joseph> (01:03:41) <+[Fi]Couck> i still talk to her and had like 5 gf's irl so idk what ur point is
[02:32] <@[Fi]Couck> ?
[02:32] <@[Fi]Rich> wtf is tht rofl
[01:13] <@[Fi]Jons> the EOP Tsunami is coming
01[01:13] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> This is way
01[01:13] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> u got ur irc lines
[01:13] <@[Fi]Jons> you are laying in bed
01[01:13] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> get quoted
01[01:14] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> by eop
01[01:14] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> sofucking much
[01:14] <@[Fi]Jons> what
[01:14] <@[Fi]Jons> are you saying
[01:14] <@[Fi]Couck> yeah first thing i hear when i get on ts
[01:14] <@[Fi]Couck> is some special tactic lmfao
[01:14] <@[Fi]Couck> it's runescape
[01:14] <@[Fi]Couck> it's silmple as fuck
04:43] <@[Fi]Jons> Joseph
[04:43] <@[Fi]Jons> eop have 30 apps
[04:43] <@[Fi]Jons> wtf
[04:51] <@[Fi]Jons> or if i was i dont remember lol
[04:51] <@[Fi]Jons> did a lot of drugs pre-eoc
[00:11] <@[Fi]Davey> tbh couck is the kinda guy to fuck all the reject girls
[00:11] <@[Fi]Jons> nah
[00:11] <@[Fi]Jons> nicks the nigga in school that spread all the fake rumors he heard
[00:11] <@[Fi]Jons> he has his own gossip section on the school newspaper
[00:11] <@[Fi]Jons> called "Nicks Insight"
01[21:29] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> EOp at our mass btw
[21:30] <@[Fi]Jons> damn
[21:44] <@[Fi]Jons> eop got 20 more than us
[21:57] <@[Fi]Jons> EOP have fucking 80
[21:57] <@[Fi]Jons> like
[21:57] <@[Fi]Jons> on forums
[22:59] <@[Fi]Couck> anymore
[22:59] <@[Fi]Couck> we can go get FO capes
[22:59] <@[Fi]Couck> and slame eop
[22:59] <@[Fi]Couck> slam
01[22:10] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> Jons
01[22:10] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> wanna 1v1
01[22:10] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> su?
01[22:10] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> they got sam eopts
[22:10] <@[Fi]Jons> they need to bring a cape
[22:10] <@[Fi]Jons> eop will crash
[22:10] <@[Fi]Jons> and have 80
01[22:10] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> No
01[22:10] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> bring theirs
01[22:11] <%[Fi]Treehugger28> they wont bring ours
[22:24] <@[Fi]P1Z4> stop splitting up you need to stay with sup
[22:24] <@[Fi]John> [Fi]P1Z4: are you using discord or what
[22:24] <@[Fi]P1Z4> yes, we on back up ts atm eop have 100
01[22:56] <@[Fi]Couck> Wanna get FO capes
01[22:56] <@[Fi]Couck> and punish
01[22:56] <@[Fi]Couck> EOP?
[23:01] <@[Fi]Jons> cp capes team on eop?
[23:01] <@[Fi]Jons> better than nothin
[22:05] <+Elit3|AFK> i need
[22:05] <+Elit3|AFK> Newspaper
[22:05] <%Tyrone> dsgfyursdfhjdjsfdg
[22:05] <+Elit3|AFK> I need Newspaper
[22:05] <%Tyrone> man couck
[22:05] <+Elit3|AFK> of us beating EOP
[22:05] <%Tyrone> dis nigga Joseph gonna host an irl party
[22:05] <+Elit3|AFK> any1 can write a newspaper
[22:05] <+Elit3|AFK> ?
[01:41] <@[Fi]Couck> ?
[01:42] <@[Fi]Jons> i heard eop has pool partys at the end of the week every sunday in the pool of accumulated saliva from sudos lisp
[01:42] <@[Fi]Jons> thats why they pulling so much
[23:17] <@[Fi]John> just stop
[23:17] <%[Fi]Bday> that was embarassing
[23:17] <@[Fi]John> the call wasnt the issue
[23:18] <@[Fi]John> there's literally nothing you can do when 2 clans with even opts team on you
[23:18] <%[Fi]Bday> 
[21:58] <+Joseph> whisky just stop
[21:58] <+Joseph> ur not good like me
[21:58] <+Joseph> just stop trying so hard lmao
[21:58] <+Joseph> ur amking it too obviously rofl
[00:02] <%[Fi]Bday> yeah i have ppl over but i wont use that as an excuse
[00:02] <%Sunday> [Fi]Kenny get on quick we're about to start
[00:02] <%[Fi]Bday> ive been getting piled at the beginning
[00:02] <@[Fi]P1Z4> just speak up.
[00:02] <%[Fi]Bday> alll prep
[01:43] <%[Fi]Bday> i used to love doing aftermaths on battlescape
[02:26] <%[Fi]Bday> yo
[02:26] <%[Fi]Bday> guys
[02:26] <%[Fi]Bday> send me a video that can help me in warring



  ..once again..


oh, and while we are on the topic of revenge:






revenge is sweet @Goop



#1424868 Fatality's story so far - Chapter II: Crisis

Posted by rEB on 27 March 2016 - 09:39 PM

PLEASE REMEMBER: Out of pity, the intention of this chapter is not to further demortalize the already demortalized, but to instead inform you all about how much further Fatality continues to fall. The demortalized have been on a downward spiral ever since Chris, Rich and Cody left which is already evident but this topic will only confirm that.



Fatality's Story So Far


Featuring: [A]P1Z4, [RD]Bruins, [Fi]Jons, [Fi]Couck

Directed & Produced by: Reb Reb0rnz, Cmb and faker


Chapter II: Crisis 



It's been some time now, however chapter 2 is now fully complete, click here to read chapter 1.


Ever since Fatality were obliterated on the 12th of December by the mighty Red Giant, they were left devastated and broken. Despite recieving countless lashings prior to the fullout they still didn't learn their lesson and attempted to dispute the fullout win but unfortunately Mod Alfred had been fired from Jagex (Fatality member) so this was not an option for them. Instead they made one of the stupidiest decisions Runescape pure clanning has ever witnessed which was restarting a rivalry with the Red Giant, the consequence of which has now lead to this topic as well as them being on the brink of the days of 2011 where they were forced to cancel f2p trips to go to clanwars because they couldn't even scratch the big boys.


Around a year ago, Fatality suffered a major blow when all three of the leaders and arguably their best leader trio ever (Chris, Rich and Cody) were forced into retirement because they could not handle the wrath of Leech, Cronic and Solo. They were stripped of all their pride and embarrassed to the bone by the Red Giant. Members ended up leaving for better clans because they had no faith within the likes of Couck and Kevin.


FO ended up reopening which drew our attention away from Fatality because we would have thrilling 70v70's every week against a clan that could actually provide a challenge so we allowed Fatality to attempt to rebuild but instead they continued their downward spiral.

TLP also reopened so Fatality started talking about "tightening the leash" on a bunch of level 70s and 80s at the time because they couldn't compete with anybody else. This was also another shocking decision by the likes of Couck and Co because TLP ended up using and abusing the already demortalized clan we call Fatality just like every other clan has done throughout the existence of Runescape.


Fast forward to present day, Fatality are now being lead by two inexperienced leaders, a former Ascent and Redemption member who have struggled to provide any glimpses of hope for the future. As for Couck,you truly have to feel sorry for him because one moment he's working with ranks like Cody and Chris but now he's got P1z4 (what sort of name is that) and Bruins.


Fatality members: there has been one bright spark that has come through over the last few months (Nick) who has been tirelessly putting a shift in and showed plenty of passion for the cause. But when even he doesn't want to be in the clan anymore then you seriously need to sit down and ask yourself; What am I doing here?



I hereby present you their Leaderboards, council boards and veteran boards, stay tuned for their high rank staff logs later this week:


























If their boring leaderboards didn't live up to your expectations, here's a small teaser of what's to come later this week: (high rank staff logs)


[08:47] <04@[Fi]Couck> we r 0-5
[08:47] <07%[Fi]Bruins> 0-6
[08:47] <04@[Fi]Couck> well that's the worst since i've been in fi




[12:46] <@[Fi]Jons> yo
[12:48] <@[Fi]Jons> we need to kill EOP
[12:48] <@[Fi]Jons> [Fi]Bruins
[12:48] <@[Fi]Jons> how do we slump EOP without prepping them
[12:48] <@[Fi]Jons> and not being able to fight them in the wildy
 [09:26] <07%[Fi]Treehugger28> eop is focussing you
[09:26] <07%[Fi]Treehugger28> ..
[09:26] <04@[Fi]John> get a regroup
[09:26] <07%[Fi]Treehugger28> with 50
[09:26] <04@[Fi]John> you're getting yourself killed
08:18] <04@[Fi]Bruins> eop coming
[08:18] <04@[Fi]Bruins> where do we want this
[08:19] <04@[Fi]Couck> return spot
01[08:19] <04@[Fi]Nick> anywhere but gdz for now
 [08:53] <04@[Fi]Couck> don't log from eop pls
[08:53] <07%[Fi]Treehugger28> Why did we log
[08:53] <07%[Fi]Treehugger28> lmfao
[08:53] <07%[Fi]Lex> dont log
01[08:53] <04@[Fi]Nick> .
[08:53] <04@[Fi]Bruins> wasnt that tlp?
[08:53] <07%[Fi]Lex> wtf
[08:53] <04@[Fi]Couck> no
[08:53] <04@[Fi]Couck> eop
[08:53] <07%[Fi]Lex> No it was fucking eop

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#1748602 No up from here, Sovereign Deathwatch topic:

Posted by Pixel on 02 July 2017 - 09:47 PM




June 1st, 2017. Sovereign announce their return to the Pure Community after being bullied out of the main scene yet again and start off their "big announcement" by hacking EoP High Council Tastemyscim and 1-iteming EoP during weekend events. After posting fake "leaderboards" and bragging about using mains against us, it was clear what was required of us.



[06:28] * hitterino (~hittin@F8164CB3:AEAB143C:DE83C2EF:IP) has joined #sharkbrew
[06:28] * ChanServ sets mode: +v hitterino
[06:28] <+hitterino> LMFAO
[06:28] <+hitterino> yo
[06:28] <+[Don]> debb
[06:28] <+hitterino> eop
[06:28] <+hitterino> whats up morons lol
[06:28] <+hitterino> sv-rsnet/forums/index.php?/topic/4170-eop-leaderboard-leak/
[06:28] <+hitterino> get fucked



This is Sovereigns story so far:





June 1st, overly confident after being RoT's meatshield in the main scene, Sovereign challenges Eruption of Pures to F2P Prep;

[18:57] <+hitterino> main clanning is much harder then pures u know
[18:57] <+hitterino> so when main clanners come back to pure clanning
[18:57] <+hitterino> i believe our quality will be superior dont you think
[18:57] <+hitterino> lol  u mad 








June 17th, Eruption of Pures clears Sovereign's mains as they attempt to aid Rage;








June 24th, Eruption of Pures ruin Sovereigns PKRI, resulting in a 10 hour rag war in non +1 world, Sovereign are reduced to 3 people returning with iron axes;








June 27th, Eruption of Pures crash Sovereigns PKRI against Rage:








June 29th, Eruption of Pures network exposes Sovereigns attempt at faking our leaderboards;








July 1st, Sovereign make the mistake of reopening - Eruption of Pures pulls 132 to Sovereigns 155 and humiliate them for 3 hours;



[18:30] <+hitterino> you're sweating in your boots
[18:30] <+hitterino> shaking
[18:30] <+hitterino> you really think
[18:30] <+hitterino> going against the #2 main clan





Aftermath: Sovereign attempts to claim a win and post aftermath topic consisting of 3 pictures and no video.

Aftermath topic is removed shortly thereafter.







July 2nd, Eruption of Pures pulls 90 and humiliates Sovereigns miserable 55 pull, sending them to clan wars where they lost also;








Aftermath: Sovereign leadership make forums private and delete pic dump topic.







July 8th, Sovereign set out with 65 purple warriors(27 of which were mains lmao) and are killed by EoP once again.




Aftermath: Sovereign posts aftermath topic consisting of a 45 second video fighting IR and a bunch of pictures spamming in single.







July 9th, Sovereign pull 55 and spend the majority of their trip rushing clans to take pictures and instantly teleporting. 






Aftermath: Sv attempt to flame EoP on sharkbrew, only to realize their trip mostly contained hits on Fatality and Apex, once again silenced.







July 18th: Sovereign pull a whopping 24 people to P2P Prep Fatality and lose 3-0!

Our current punching bag just lost to our all-time favorite punching bag.








July 15th, Sovereign pulls 39 with mains and are bullied by not only EoP, but also by CD and IR. Still no aftermath topic has been made.










July 16th, Sovereign pulls 45 and is sent to clan wars by mother EoP










Banter logs:








How long does Sovereign have left before they bend the knee to EoP for the third time in their history? We'll be keeping this topic updated with all of the latest news of their failures, until they close.

#1634484 Supremacy Leaderboards ~ Blame 3at ~ Part 1

Posted by @Nick on 21 February 2017 - 01:22 AM

So this is how this chapter went:


Over at supremacy, there had been tension building for quite some time now between EoP and Sup. They had refused to prep us in every server, and got other clans together to create an 'Anti-EoP Pact' known as #Cluster124. This was fine as EoP in this era we are used to 1v4, every clan teaming and hating us, we don't care. What crossed the line was when their leader, 3at, decided it was time to start doxing our ranks and members because we had a leak in them hitting them whenever the fuck we wanted to (still do) and making him rage for eternity.


Everything was fine until this point. Supremacy drew the first straws into taking things out of the game, and so as EoP, we retaliated. I could go on and on and tell you how shit of a hostility remake this is, but i'll let the full access pictures speak for themselves.


Supremacy Full Leaderboards (yes even the topics they hid when they made them public)

































To summarize:


All I see here is pitiful attempts to catch our deep leaks, a rank team running in circles, and a lack of motivation to move forward. All I can say is don't bite more than you can chew. If leaking ranks/members irl is the game you want to play with EoP, EoP will play the game.


Know your place.

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#1746520 dont dox us bro :/

Posted by Morris on 29 June 2017 - 05:00 AM

IRLS only but no dox us plz



#1653326 EruptedNews: CP owners sign Persian Tom as Leader causing a dressing room uproar

Posted by @Leech on 16 March 2017 - 03:50 PM

As most of you know the owners of CP Drunk and Chain decided to hire Persian Tom as leader due to his influence in LPC Ascent, but has this move backfired? 


Prominent CP figures have staged a mutiny and reject this decision. Alex Waar,2PAC,Victory,Jordai and Shiny have all put an ultimatum to Chain and Drunk

"It's either Persian Tom or us".


One thing Chain and Drunk are not afraid to do is take risks. A prime example of this is their decision to give Parm and Toxic leader in 2014 with them bringing CV into their clan as a condition. This move was a horrible failure with both leaders leaving moments after.


An inside source has said Sam is on his way through the door as well.



An EruptedNews reporter had a chance to speak with some of the rebels:


[15:35:29] <VICTHEGREAT> i check snap at school

[15:35:35] <VICTHEGREAT> and alex is saying in group

[15:35:44] <VICTHEGREAT> 'wtf sam'

[15:35:52] <VICTHEGREAT> alex has beef with chain
[15:35:53] <VICTHEGREAT> not me
[15:35:53] <VICTHEGREAT> lol
[15:35:58] <@[EoP]Leech> so why u leavin
[15:36:01] <VICTHEGREAT> pt
[15:36:03] <VICTHEGREAT> lol
[15:36:19] <VICTHEGREAT> Leech last night we did our first p2p prep in 5 months
[15:36:23] <VICTHEGREAT> i busted my balls getting people
[15:36:31] <VICTHEGREAT> and this pt retard acts annoying and says stupid shit
[15:44:25] <+Alex|Waar> drunks cool
[15:44:29] <+Alex|Waar> chains emotional
[15:44:34] <+Alex|Waar> both in denial i carried cp
[15:45:13] <+VICTHEGREAT> cp staff boards rn r cringe
[15:45:18] <+VICTHEGREAT> persian tom posted like 10 topics
[15:45:19] <+Alex|Waar> l0l
[15:45:25] <+Alex|Waar> pm me
[15:45:27] <+VICTHEGREAT> trying to tell people what to do
Are Persian Tom and his Ascent friends worth these loyal veterans?
Tweet your opinion to @EruptedNews or use the Hashtag #EruptedNews
CP Next Leader Odds on Sharkbet:  Rebel 25/1  Tederick 6/5  JV 18/1

#1746534 Sovereign: Forever in EoP's shadow.

Posted by Pixel on 29 June 2017 - 05:32 AM

Sovereign: Forever in EoP's shadow.

Ft. Parm, Nick, Pixel, Hittin & [zenith]Remy




This topic should come as no surprise to anyone, as it's the same story every time Sovereign reopen after being humiliated in whatever scene they tried taking refuge in but since they want to continue the cycle, it's only fitting that we write them a page.




For those unaware, Sovereign was basically founded and poorly molded around the image that was EoP in 2011 - unfortunately, they never could quite get it right. While Sovereign put on a show for the Pure Community and acted like morons on sharkbrew, we got to work on our intel game. Sovereign's big plan was feigning an intel game too bad they unknowingly told us what they were doing.



Don't worry boys, EoP leadership is happy to provide some pointers.



[01:36] <+diveliner> too bad eop got snakes in der rank team lol :S





For the extra banter;



[10:08] <Moni> i wud prefer also
[10:08] <Moni> u cud settle the sht w/sv
[10:08] <Moni> so they dont make sht cancer
[10:08] <Moni> for everyone
[10:08] <Pixel> too late



Just incase anyone was wondering why Breakable have been behaving like spastics toward EoP lately....


(16:49:54) (hitterino) i had LLamas
(16:49:56) (hitterino) i joined #Breakable staff
(16:49:57) (hitterino) n told them
(16:50:01) (hitterino) cuz i made ally with Breakable
(16:50:02) (hitterino) for now
(16:50:05) (hitterino) braden on my dick
(16:50:10) (hitterino) gona use them against eop
(16:50:19) (hitterino) then kill them
(16:50:19) (hitterino) l0l
(16:50:32) (Parm) rip lmao




 (16:37:35) (hitterino) main too much work

(16:37:37) (hitterino) l0l
(16:37:3 (Parm) and beast can run everything else
(16:37:39) (hitterino) but i been on alot ts
(16:37:41) (hitterino) tbh
(16:37:41) (Parm) ye main is stress
(16:37:43) (hitterino) its fun
(16:37:46) (hitterino) ye lol
(16:37:47) (hitterino) cba
(16:37:4 (Parm) summer always fun in sv tbh
(16:37:49) (hitterino) rot up my anal cavity
Saturday July 1st, Sunday July 2nd
see you there boys.

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#1727448 »» Eruption of Pures ~ A Look Into The Undisputed #1 Pure Clan ««

Posted by Pixel on 03 June 2017 - 02:39 AM



Ever since the move to LPC, our rivals had hoped to capitalize on the sudden change in an attempt to remove us from our position in the Pure Community. Despite countless topics "predicting" our downfall and claims that we would slump after a week, the idea of this being a possibility was already discussed months in advance and we were prepared within days, eliminating any hope of recovery for our rivals.


Let there be no question as to who the top dogs are;



Thanks to;










@Cronic for suggestion(s)/music



While this video does not represent everything we've done since the move, I simply could not fit all of our activity into one video as there is far too much. I'll be uploading more of these every few weeks   ^_^.

#1331981 EoP Leaks 237k lines of CP's high ranked channel #sodapop

Posted by Solo on 23 October 2015 - 03:53 AM

Corrupt Pures: The truth revealed

Written by: Solosaur

Published by: Eruption of Pures' Public Enlightenment Department






1) Introduction


Corrupt Pures: A clan founded on lies and propaganda. A clan which attracts the weak. Those so called weak individuals are generally classified as outcasts - People who have failed to fit into REAL clans. For years this so called "clan" has attempted to display its relevancy in the pure community. While they have been alive just as long as the giants of pure clanning have, they have failed to consistently be in the top 3 conversation due to the standards they have set for themselves. Standards that only weak minded individuals are content with. While many CP members will struggle to read this, I am certain that the pure community will wake up and realize what a joke they truly are - Exposed by someone who has been around for quite some time now. Someone who has seen it all and done it all. This publication will be divided into 12 manuscripts. Each manuscript will represent 1 month of IRC logs which, as stated before, hopefully shake the pure community. From CP struggling to pull 20 people, using mains to compete, encouraging 30 defence and ddosing to them rising and thinking they are relevant: The one and only King, Judge and Jury reveals it all to you.


2) Acknowledgements


The author of this publication would like to thank members of Eruption of Pures' Public Enlightenment Department. Without you guys I could have not done this. I am forever indebted of your efforts and encouragement to push me. Today we accomplished something that the pure community will likely never forget. Congratulations.


3) The logs


Because the file is so large, I was not able to export the text into a pastebin. Instead, Please see the download link below for over 237k lines of logs which cover October 2014-October 2015.




The Logs(CLICK ME)


4) The Struggle


October 2014 - CP struggles to compete with the likes of LT and Supremacy. Fear and doubt in the eyes of CP's leadership and members alike - Will they pull through?


[20:43] <[CP]David> stop talking aobut the pull [20:43] <[CP]Fatal> good shit [20:43] <[CP]David> just get people on

[20:43] <[CP]David> we literally have 25 people here lmfao 00[20:43] <06[CP]Victory> ^.^ [20:43] <@[CP]Fatal> and yeah tristin there's no need

[20:45] <[CP]Victory> we have a 78 in addy

[20:49] <[CP]Victory> ignore eop 2d?

[20:50] <[CP]David> EOP have double our pull

[20:50] <[CP]Fatal> dw they are after Fi not us


5) Losing Hope


November 2014: CP begins to lose hope. Disintegrated, demolished and demoralized. Will they pull it together? Doesn't seem like it based on these logs...


[00:53] <04@[CP]David> so we're all spaming run south and shit in the cc 00[00:53] <06[CP]Victory> lets lose for the next 12 months, just so tristin can lose on his own! [00:53] <04@[CP]David> and I was like log log etc 00[00:53] <06[CP]Victory> learn [00:53] <04@[CP]Chain> and it was drunk [00:53] <04@[CP]Chain> in david's position [00:53] <04@[CP]David> and he picked a new world when we had 20 people

[00:53] <04@[CP]David> the guy is a fucking moron he's one of the main reasons we're doing so shit

[00:53] <04@[CP]David> Just get rid of him

00[00:56] <06[CP]Victory> JV, 5 members left because of our shitty boring trip.

00[22:53] <11+[CP]Victory> ;p 00[22:55] <11+[CP]Victory> guys 00[22:55] <11+[CP]Victory> is sam in ts lt sam? [22:56] <06[CP]Andy> how many did we start out with 00[22:57] <11+[CP]Victory> 30? 00[22:57] <11+[CP]Victory> abit higher [22:58] <07%[CP]Ftw> 33 peak [22:58] <06[CP]Andy> half the kids ran around like chickens with their heads cut off 00[23:00] <11+[CP]Victory> yeah [23:01] <04@[CP]David> yo [23:01] <04@[CP]David> huge cluster gdz [23:01] <04@[CP]David> w384 [23:01] <04@[CP]David> eop fi foe tlp sup [23:01] <04@[CP]David> lol 00[23:04] <11+[CP]Victory> lo? 00[23:04] <11+[CP]Victory> we ended early frick 00[23:04] <11+[CP]Victory> coulda hit that 00[23:04] <11+[CP]Victory> owell nvm [23:05] <07%[CP]Ftw> status updates boys


6) Urgency


December 2014: CP resorts to mass recruiting for a few trips - Only to fall to the red Giant and sent back to irrelevancy.


[21:07] <04@Tristin> eop have 65 people 00[21:08] <11+[CP]Victory> we have 55 we got this 00[21:08] <11+[CP]David> i died but we're getting raped

[21:08] <04@Tristin> wtf we lost so many

00[21:09] <11+[CP]David> we got destroyed by eop lmfao

00[21:09] <11+[CP]Victory> just recruit


7) "We need to finish strong"


January 2015: Start of new year - More of the same or will CP end on top as their glorious leader wants them to?


00[21:22] <11+[CP]Victory> we have 90 we got this 00[21:24] <11+[CP]Victory> we need to pull to mossies 00[21:24] <11+[CP]Victory> we need to pull to mossies 00[21:24] <11+[CP]Victory> we need to pull to mossies 00[21:24] <11+[CP]Victory> we need to pull to mossies 00[21:24] <11+[CP]David> this is retarded eop literally didn't lose anyone [21:22] <04@Tristin> wtf we lost so many [21:29] <04@javajohn> gj today [21:29] <04@javajohn> good action 00[21:29] <11+[CP]David> we got destroyed by eop


8) Reality Check


February 2015: As Foe re-opens, CP take a step back. Do we see fear in the eyes of the undisputed #1 clan of all time?


[20:44] <04@[CP]Jasper> foe is reopening [20:44] <04@[CP]Chain> we need to focus on ourselves

[20:44] <04@[CP]Chain> not worry about others, dw about Foe

[20:44] <04@[CP]Chain> They will be busy with EoP


9) Crawling out of the hole


March 2015: From [CP]Victory being the only person helping out with mass to cancelling P2P trips - All is revealed..


00[19:42] <11+[CP]Victory> first trip bk 2day lol 00[19:42] <11+[CP]Victory> @@@@@''' [19:44] <04@[CP]Fatal> ayeee [19:45] <04@[CP]Fatal> idk how long i can stay on 4 [19:45] <04@[CP]Fatal> my sisters baby shower is rn 00[19:45] <11+[CP]Victory> oh ok lol 00[19:45] <11+[CP]Victory> so is any other rank going 2 be on 2 help mass [19:47] <04@[CP]Fatal> lol who knows [19:48] <04@[CP]Charlie> i would but im on vacation rn [19:48] <11+[CP]ZackChips> yolo 00[19:48] <11+[CP]Victory> i legit led the masses for the whole of feb/march

[19:50] <04@javajohn> its a waste of tiem lol [19:50] <04@javajohn> time* [19:50] <11+[CP]ZackChips> p2p is cancer in wildy [19:50] <04@[CP]Jasper> p2p is full of cancer [19:50] <11+[CP]ZackChips> get one in clanwars [19:50] <04@[CP]Jasper> (20:50:04) <Sam`> well c [19:50] <11+[CP]ZackChips> ask sup aswell [19:50] <04@[CP]Jasper> no point in asking zu [19:50] <04@[CP]Jasper> they'll have like 20 [19:50] <04@[CP]Jasper> ait gewd idea [19:50] <04@javajohn> sup already said no [19:51] <11+[CP]ZackChips> damn 03[19:51] * Retrieving #sodapop modes... [19:51] <04@javajohn> iasked the mexican clan [19:51] <04@[CP]Jasper> who else did you ask [19:51] <04@javajohn> and liths [19:51] <04@javajohn> for pkris [19:51] <04@javajohn> they are both busy [19:51] <04@javajohn> i even asked the lithuanian main clan [19:51] <04@javajohn> for p2p pkri


10) Just kidding, back to the hole


April 2015: EoP closes.Anyway, Yeah... about that hole, doesn't seem like they are leaving it anytime soon. CP officially begin to associate themselves with LPCs once again.


[23:42] <04@[CP]iMerk_31s> bro [23:42] <04@[CP]iMerk_31s> we need to take over AAO [23:42] <04@[CP]iMerk_31s> tlp = severence [23:42] <04@[CP]iMerk_31s> sup = imperial [23:42] <04@[CP]iMerk_31s> aao or doom 00[23:42] <07%[CP]Victory> no lol [23:42] <04@[CP]Bvb> lol javajohn [23:42] <04@[CP]iMerk_31s> u guys giving shit clans opts [23:42] <04@[CP]iMerk_31s> none of them in cp l0l. [23:43] <04@[CP]Bvb> "victory and drunk are pming me to come" - Hormone [23:43] <04@[CP]iMerk_31s> we can take over panic maybe


11) Propaganda.. Propaganda


May 2015: CP are joyful that EoP closed - Do they finally have some breathing room? Can they finally become relevant? Will iMerk_31s' master plan of merging with LPCs work? I think not...


00[23:38] <07%[CP]Victory> [CP]iMerk_31s 00[23:39] <07%[CP]Victory> im not going with aao man 00[23:39] <07%[CP]Victory> fuck that [23:39] <04@[CP]iMerk_31s> i say fuck the lpcs 00[23:39] <07%[CP]Victory> they have some retard 00[23:39] <07%[CP]Victory> leading there trip [23:39] <04@[CP]iMerk_31s> we had no1 with us today [23:39] <04@[CP]iMerk_31s> just pure cp [23:39] <04@[CP]iMerk_31s> lol


12) Drunk wants CP to recruit.. recruit.. recruit.


June 2015: CP faces another obstacle: They are back to pulling 30s and their devoted leader wants them to step their game up. Will they get the job done? 


[21:07] <04@javajohn> whats ur pull 00[21:07] <07%[CP]Victory> 35 in 361 [21:07] <04@javajohn> ye 00[21:07] <07%[CP]Victory> apparantly like 5 in 394 03[21:07] * [CP]David ([email protected]<script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript"> /* */</script>) has joined #sodapop 03[21:07] * ChanServ sets mode: +b *!*@CP-RS.Com 03[21:07] * [CP]David was kicked by ChanServ (You are not permitted to be on this channel.) 03[21:07] * Retrieving #sodapop modes... [21:07] <04@javajohn> expected to be low due to this soccer thing [21:07] <11+[cp]alex> merk still says i need pass [21:07] <11+[CP]ZackChips> 40~ [21:07] <04@javajohn> and lack of recruiting this week 00[21:07] <07%[CP]Victory> ya [21:07] <04@javajohn> but still [21:07] <04@javajohn> if Rd rush u at mossies [21:07] <04@javajohn> u should just rag them [21:07] <04@[CP]iMerk_31s> .add [cp]david 5 03[21:07] * [CP]David ([email protected]) has joined #sodapop [21:07] <04@X> [[CP]David] <00:06:32> "Chain": im htiting off david for every sv event 03[21:07] * ChanServ sets mode: +o [CP]David [21:07] <04@javajohn> they probably will [21:07] <04@[CP]David> btw [21:08] <04@javajohn> try to hit u [21:08] <04@javajohn> out of everyone [21:08] <04@[CP]David> half of these retards in ts arent coming [21:08] <04@[CP]David> lol [21:08] <11+[CP]Stoned> lt is at 382 bridge [21:08] <04@javajohn> so if they rush u [21:08] <04@[CP]David> these fa's [21:08] <04@javajohn> bully them [21:08] <04@javajohn> ye [21:08] <04@javajohn> dont be stupid 00[21:08] <07%[CP]Victory> were not letting them all come [21:08] <04@[CP]David> drunk u comin on 00[21:08] <07%[CP]Victory> lol [21:08] <04@javajohn> no [21:08] <04@[CP]David> k [21:08] <04@[CP]David> jw [21:08] <04@[CP]David> lel [21:08] <11+[CP]ZackChips> tlp 30 [21:08] <04@javajohn> today u can honestly be strict [21:08] <04@javajohn> ur not gunna be #1 today [21:08] <04@javajohn> or anything [21:08] <11+[cp]alex> merk [21:08] <04@javajohn> so be strict about who u let come


13) CP begins the mass recruiting regime


July 2015: CP's mass recruiting regime is re-initiated. How will they get their pulls up? Chain's master plan..


[20:57] <@[CP]Chain|AFK> simple lol

[20:57] <@[CP]Chain|AFK> we recruit off LPCs

[20:57] <@[CP]Chain|AFK> we go to a clan's trips, they come to ours

[20:57] <@[CP]Chain|AFK> simple


14) CP reclaims their "throne"


August 2015: It seems that CP's mass recruiting regime has worked - Are they finally relevant? 


[22:51] <@[CP]Chain> I told you this shit would work

[22:52] <@[CP]Chain> We are unstopbable atm


15) Boom


September 2015: CP face the same fate as RD - 70v100.


[21:24] <04@[CP]Chain> we literally just lost up 30 people to eop  [21:24] <04@[CP]Chain> it's fucking over  [21:24] <04@[CP]Chain> end it


16) "You're all retarded"


October 2015: CP's rise doesn't seem to be working out for them.


1:27] <@[CP]Sam> ur all retarded [21:27] <@[cp]chainafk> u guys love to create problems [21:27] <@[CP]Sam> go recruit lol [21:27] <@[CP]Sam> wtf [21:27] <@[CP]Alex> yeah bro [21:27] <@[cp]chainafk> like u think ur joking around [21:27] <@[cp]chainafk> but ur not lol [21:27] <@[CP]Sam> why u guys talk in here [21:27] <@[cp]chainafk> stop making problems lol





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#1746527 dont dox us bro :/

Posted by JoJo on 29 June 2017 - 05:10 AM

dude plz dont fucking dox me









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#1650365 15 MAN TWISTED BOW 73.3M - EOP #1 RAID CLAN!

Posted by Berry on 13 March 2017 - 12:31 AM






73.3M EACH! 15 MAN RAID!


@nish @renee @Elver @Togo @le pure @Trippy @Erosuke @JoJo @Chicago @BeBrilliant @bendoverlad @Doc @Bubble Bus



#1644075 The Breakdown of Supremacy ~ The Weakest Link of #Cluster124

Posted by @Nick on 07 March 2017 - 04:22 AM

we were not going to go do this simply because we had done enough damage to them last week (full leaderboards leak) which you can read here and at least 8 singles hits this weekend, but they decided to post some pictures of us bantering in hope they can be on the same level/par. Unfortunately for them, our deep leaks in their clan have been recording every trip, every meeting, every gathering on teamspeak when they have events.


Enjoy the laugh:



Post any highlights you find:


0:18 where's eop?!?, right on top of us!

0:30 eop's here eop's here  tele edge
2:13 they had fi in a gwas "nvm its fi let them live"
4:00 rush u at sperm thinking ur fighting FO, u werent instant regret tele corp
5:25 7 man spam he's mad
6:00 2 man spam he's mad
btw we have kept part 2 leaderboard addition and rank meetings ( there has been a few since that costly leaderboard leak last week xd) out of it until part 2 is fully finished and ready to be released when we officially force you down to the cluster fucked lpc scene.

There was no security breach l0l this guy just str8 up gave me kyles password no questions asked LOOL


stay tuned..

#1747517 Thought our header looked different.

Posted by Dirt-Matt on 30 June 2017 - 07:25 PM

Before Nick's latest meltdown, this is what our header looked like:







As you can see, every rank but Leader is listed in alphabetical order. The exception is Nick is at the top because he was leader before the other 3 were (re)promoted to leader.

You can see that here: http://web.archive.o....org/community/



Nick was removed from header so that it just looked like this.



Finally, alphabetical glory.





Nick emerged from crisis mode and was re-added as leader. The result:








#1702076 skeez awards 2017 part 1

Posted by skeez on 09 May 2017 - 11:36 AM

another year has passed which means it is once again time for me to release my new batch of awards i hand pick personally


(for u guys who missed out on the last installment u can find them here: http://eop-rs.org/co...?/topic/91822-)


with that being said good people of eop i present to u the official skeez awards 2017 part 1 edition

































@Lacson @Deviants








































































@Tyler @Floor

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#1746729 dont dox us bro :/

Posted by Ryan on 29 June 2017 - 10:57 AM


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#1744943 EruptedNews: Conspiracy theories flying around EoP Headquarters

Posted by Alexander on 26 June 2017 - 04:25 PM

BREAKING NEWS: June 26th 2017 EruptedNews, the without a doubt #1 Runescapeclanningnewsproduction is here to inform you of recent news events in the pureclanning world.



This news report is gonna start off with a look what is going on inside EOP FC and its current state which some people might recognise as a Game of Thrones situation. Black J, also known as Houdini (Ian JAMZ), is officialy the new tyrant of EOP FC according to very trusted sources.


<17:51:26> "Guest_Alexander_*": thoughts on Ian Jamz being the new tyrant of eop fc?

<17:52:58> "Captain Leech Flint": when dull stepped down it was like when the statue of Saddam hand been pulled down. We 
thought we had democracy only for Jamz Bashar Assad to becom the new tyrant smh




Furthermore, there has been a lot of drama involving the freshly recruited Head Coach of EOP FC, Ian JAMZ, and his assistant


Andy ''Shabib'' Debb. While drunk, JAMZ accidently said in an interview with SV Hittin, that Debb is a shit assistant and that


does not know football to a degree that is expected from him. Rumours are that the attacked victim then came up with


conspiracy theories, trying to put two leaders against eachother, trying to make them get eachother kicked, so that he could


end up alone on top of the club as the ''solo leader''


<18:13:02> "[CENSORED] CENSORED" pokes you: sources are saying leaders are speaking contracts with awaar





In other news, EruptedNews got a word earlier this week consisting of complaints from the 19 year old starplayer Mayhem69.


Apparently, Final Ownage FC recentely presented a new starting lineup which did not include M69, even though his biggest


rival Tederick (whom recently arrived from Corrupt FC) got a spot in the starting lineup.


Unfortunately, we did not manage to get an interview with the promising 19 year old.


However, rumours are that M69 will be returning home to his former club, EOP FC,  


during Silly SBseason, since FO FC does not plan on giving him a starting position any time soon according to current FO Jr Manager Daniel Holydreams.


We also managed to get a word with respected elder @rEB and his opinion on the matter and here is what he has to say:


<EruptedNews> thoughts on m69 not getting a promo in fo?

<rEB> in other news water is wet

<rEB> guy mixes pancakes in his smoothies

<rEB> what a loser

<rEB> now stop hling me c patient





Last but not least, we would like to report on a sad event that occured about two days ago to EOP Strategic Coach Thimaah.


Earlier this year he was trying to build up a friendship, as so called ''bridge'' with SV FC, which recently resulted in his nudes in


the dressingroom from his time in the club getting leaked, therefore he is now MIA.


<18:03:24> "[Thimaah] Thimaah": u can vote me for fav sv council soon


-March 2017





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im gay lol

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