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  3. oh you still play rs? i run a fortune 500 company and fuck your favourite egirl on the weekend

  4. weeeee baaackkk

  5. Earlier
  6. jamz joined fatality, wish him cancer in the comment section down below

  7. weeeee baaackkk

    Gz eop
  8. weeeee baaackkk

    who you
  9. weeeee baaackkk

    @Naaldo can't believe you teaming with fo tomorrow smh
  10. weeeee baaackkk

    wheres caroline now huh @Tyler
  11. weeeee baaackkk

  12. weeeee baaackkk

  13. The ship is getting ready to sail..

  14. weeeee baaackkk

    yes gz eop
  15. weeeee baaackkk

    PS fuck you Tyler for putting me applicant I’m so not sorry for flaming care
  16. weeeee baaackkk

    It’s now or never. Quarantine will end soon. Who tryna ride this shit out closing FO? @Godae @Jamz1 @debb @Cronic
  17. i have't the answer

  18. hearing reports that EOP could reopen potentially as soon as next week as a rebranded clan, Jamz and Scott at the helm

  19. When is dmm coming back???


  20. end of the day its all about the community

  21. How do I connect to discord

    yo matt long time no c wats the matter with ur disc? recover forum acc i guess
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