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    So you want to dox me @Skeez? you are literally so out of line it’s fucking unbelievable. i could drag you so hard right now but i know you’ll just end up crying. i’ve roasted you before and you know it. chances are you’ll just say i bullied you because you’re gay and have different skin. talk shit get hit, you don’t wanna mess with me kiddo; i’ve got a black belt.
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    Didn't know #105 was member chat and #88 Should I leak a recording of Adhi sonning Danny in front of his whole staff team? :thinking:
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    yes boys its that time of year again i know this is very long overdue but i have been very busy irl as the head of 18 different companies across the globe i dont have much free time anymore unfortunately anyways the moment u have all been waiting for i present to u the skeez awards very late 2018 edition @Ferocious @Stick @Thimaah @Solo @Wee-Bey @WeeZy @SHAYTAN @Sauce @Repa @Killa @Killa @Godae @Icyb @17_ @Ibra @Jack @Spark @Togo ps sorry if u didnt win this time but keep your chin up man there is always next year so dont pm me crying please thank u
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    new place, new clan. lets get it
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    Don't let our 13 year anniversary distract you from the fact thimaah had sex with ashleybear 4 times
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    niggas really leaked banter in #88 and called it #105 LOL
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    - EoP kill and clear Fom at todays trip ✔ - Togo murdering [Fom] Singles in a disstrack ✔ Rough day to be in bad Fom clan
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    If the girls hella hot and the pussy bomb, i unload on impact
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    It's 2007, I'm a level 30 range pure in the level 3 wildy fighting other noobs. 2pac changes blasting in my speakers. Good times.
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    EoP is not a clan. It's a way of life - reB
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    Daily reminder that @joey wore a twitch t shirt to a frat party
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    Wtf I dumb ass fuck I thought this topic said chill with people lmao
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    the ditterbitter script: what is he wearing is that d shoes? ur trolling.. u have to be trolling.. catch a freeze.. nice, swap this, ags, a 0 really jagex? on range pray? nice damage fake him ags.. my spec didnt go off! ok nice damage, catch a freeze, hes running come on dont troll me now jagex catch a freeze, dead? he must be out by now, how much food does he have left jesus ok nice gf
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    @Jack @debb give my friend @Atoms member hes another guy i recruited like @Nawe from Ir good guy big vouch
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    Sorry i wasn't there sunday. I've only just been released discharge from the hospital :( Absolutely gutted.
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    "The Rebound Series" - Solo 2015
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    Connected to ts for the first time in a month today and had to listen to some guy called Toby repeat "oi ditter say hello for the boys" about 10 times see u guys at anni
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    Just got home, been fiending all day. Time to inject some EOP into my arm.
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    be on for prep today, no shit warrers
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    Move the fuck out the way Migos its time for me @Parm and @Matt to run this shit
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    I can't believe @bob ACTUALLY sounds like that LMFAOOOOOOO get a voice changer dude EWWW
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    Im GnA bE aT mY pArEnTs ThIs WeEkEnD My LaPtOp DoEsNt CoNnEcT tO tHeIr WiFi IdK wHy I TrY tO cOmE oN mY dAdS lApToP bUt ItS sHiTtY aF gNa SeE a 50 fOr Me ---- @h3ad burner
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    Cut the grass and the snakes will show
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    BIG TINGS SOON :smiling_imp:
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    went to sleep advanced woke up member bitch niggas
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    This gonna be Fom after Sunday's trip:
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    Throwback: and Yes that really is @JoJo's fucking voice, unbelievable ik but it is
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