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    @Jamz stop digging up dead clans with washed up retards like robb with 2 y's.
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    Didn't even realize forums were put back up. Good to see everyone who is still around. Hope yall are doing well init.
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    damn eop really held me back IRL. Just had a 3some tbh
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    Muhammed did in fact finger a 9 year old.
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    miss you all, EOP CUHH!
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    Come online on Saturday if you want to snipe FI on their anniversary
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    Cant say i'd 100% make it, but if there was ever a time i'd hop on this shit game it would be to get C with the boys while making fo/fi virgins cry
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    May 18th and 19th, remember to remember...
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    Long live EoP! Take care everyone.