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    Quite boring slaying my job, making mad bank, have plenty of time to demoralize bad clans.
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    miss getting c with the boys
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    https://gyazo.com/d5191d2fb41c82560cc2a60f46db77a5 :thinking: @rEB Get the boys ready.
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    Happy New Years family.
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    I hope you all are enjoying yourselves, stay safe... ~ EoP-Staff
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    talking to 2 females from germany as we speak but yh dont quote me again before i stick a 20 inches dildo up ur ass homofobic cunt @Parm
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    Quite boring slaying my girlfriend every night, getting mad hoes, have plenty of time to demoralize bad clans.
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    Couck we closed over a year ago its time to let it go bud you guys lost lol
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    Please keep the Aussie bushfires & EOP in your thoughts
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    As the minister of defence for the eruption of purrs organisation I strongly agree with this
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    Happy new year EoP - minister of defence
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    EoP reopening 2021
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    Shit last acc that you used from me got banned as a macroing goldfarmer
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    Long story short: I approached some new rank in Fo named Brap yesterday offering EoP leaderboards and discord for the past 18 months (:clown:), and knowing he was a fresh rank, I knew he'd jump at the chance to either buy them, or use it as some sort of propaganda to hype his dead clan. He did exactly that. NOTE: The pictures in his topic I sent him and he used it for himself claiming he has a high rank leak (LOL). Fo topic he made in private boards (this fool even showed me this pic himself from his member boards): After realising what he did (literally gave me a member board topic for free), he decided to edit the topic trying to claim the one above was fake (LOL): To those not aware, I posted this in our rank discord beforehand so we could all laugh at this fool together: You fucking fool. You should know were 1 step ahead from your time in this clan. Stay easy amateur and see u this weekend!