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    MFW solo steps down and i can start flaming peoples dead grandpas again
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    I think you finally got the idea. #2 declares on #1, not the other way around. So kudos for that. Unfortunately we will not be warring at those times as I will be out of town. I have told your leaders before we are happy to fight Foe but we will only fight on our terms. Don't think you want to F2P us so I am proposing this: -P2P Wilderness Fullout (so we don't have to sit 20+ people, roughly ~150 people on our ML including retireds) -August 26 - Should be plenty of time for you to get your sign ups up, don't care about ML locks in 2k18. Can certainly do 4:00 EST 9:00 GMT -Can ask RoT (the only remaining PKing main clan pretty much) to AC if you're concerned about mains interfering -Can do returning off or on, doesn't matter to us. You did it against MM, why not vs EoP? I'm game. Maybe throw in a F2P in there too. Message me Solo#7798
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    If this status gets 30 likes Ill fly out to Chiraq tonight on redeye to have a studio sesh with @JoJo new EP will drop next week
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    This guy left his clan as a Leader when they started pulling ~40 to fish on DMM.
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    For quite some time now, Foe members had doubts about the decision making of the clan's leadership team. After this weekend, it is fair to say that all parties involved have now come to a general agreement: Foe has been slumped by EoP, for the 3rd or 4th time on OSRS alone. This outcome was inevitable, and everyone in the pure community knew so. I have personally offered Foe ranks help many times, and they refused... All for what? Just so they can say that Foe is still a top tier clan? This is not the case, and I think they now know as evidenced below.. I do agree though, slumping is definitely nothing out of the ordinary for Foe. For EoP, we will move forward and continue to progress. This clan knows no limits, and it is for this reason that we have run the scene in both servers for the past 2 years or so. We are looking forward to taking on the numerous clans stepping up (particularly IR/Fi/Apex), all of which are looking very healthy and motivated. This is great for the scene, and I just hope leaders of said clans reading this learn a thing or two from our now non-existent rivalry against Foe. Good luck rebuilding Foe!
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    Long story short: I approached some new rank in Fo named Brap yesterday offering EoP leaderboards and discord for the past 18 months (:clown:), and knowing he was a fresh rank, I knew he'd jump at the chance to either buy them, or use it as some sort of propaganda to hype his dead clan. He did exactly that. NOTE: The pictures in his topic I sent him and he used it for himself claiming he has a high rank leak (LOL). Fo topic he made in private boards (this fool even showed me this pic himself from his member boards): After realising what he did (literally gave me a member board topic for free), he decided to edit the topic trying to claim the one above was fake (LOL): To those not aware, I posted this in our rank discord beforehand so we could all laugh at this fool together: You fucking fool. You should know were 1 step ahead from your time in this clan. Stay easy amateur and see u this weekend!
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    mfw u feed tannie and his raggers our locs to rag and he says this :
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    Dead forums, dead ts, dead community, dead clan
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    Fo pulled 37 and wore Envy/AAO capes and Shitpremacy did nothing. Both audios out when I feel like it. Stay in ur lane to pk freely!
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    After the complete annihilation mother EoP single-highhandedly gave FOM (and Supremacy in their team-capes) on both the Saturday & Sunday PK trips this past weekend and just recently, Rot demanding Fo to remove all their Rev members from their clan. With these few facts, how long do you think Fo will last at both trips this weekend? Keep in mind: With Rot telling Fo to remove all their Rev members, Fo will lose 10-15 opts (FO main accounts not included). They're still recovering from a humiliating defeat from both days last weekend. Fo ranks are frantic behind the scenes. Fo members doubting their ranks already.. Not capable of returning for 2 hours, evident from last weekend PK trips I truly believe Fo will last 1.5 hour at most, their entire clan have already had to face defeat two days in a row last weekend Let see what he has to offer, cos so far your clan is not capable of returning for 2 hours. ALL EOP BE ON SATURDAY TO START WEEK 2 DAY 1 | BE THERE @ 2PM EST / 7PM GMT
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    Lmfao Fo you really fucked up this time
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    So you want to dox me @Skeez? you are literally so out of line it’s fucking unbelievable. i could drag you so hard right now but i know you’ll just end up crying. i’ve roasted you before and you know it. chances are you’ll just say i bullied you because you’re gay and have different skin. talk shit get hit, you don’t wanna mess with me kiddo; i’ve got a black belt.
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    @Icyb you need to mass recruit again since jamz rejoined
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    Didnt know fighting envy and misfits is considered being on top nowadays
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    Didn't know #105 was member chat and #88 Should I leak a recording of Adhi sonning Danny in front of his whole staff team? :thinking:
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    yes boys its that time of year again i know this is very long overdue but i have been very busy irl as the head of 18 different companies across the globe i dont have much free time anymore unfortunately anyways the moment u have all been waiting for i present to u the skeez awards very late 2018 edition @Ferocious @Stick @Thimaah @Solo @Wee-Bey @WeeZy @SHAYTAN @Sauce @Repa @Killa @Killa @Godae @Icyb @17_ @Ibra @Jack @Spark @Togo ps sorry if u didnt win this time but keep your chin up man there is always next year so dont pm me crying please thank u
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    Literally slapping @Stick's moms fat ass costa rican tits around my face right now, bout to long dick this busty latino bitch until she squirts on my stomach l00000l
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    Just got done with a 5 grand meal (pretty cheap for me im rich) with my 10/10 instagram model girlfriend, afterwards we fucked 10 times (im not a virgin meanwhile you've never had sex), bought to go max bench 650 at the gym now while you get 99 woodcutting on runescape l0l.
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