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  1. What happened to EOP?

    What the hell happened? Y'all were literally dominating everyone even when I wasn't around and you closed. Why?
  2. Let everyone send the sirens off to remind everyone that Leech is still a fat single piece of shit.

    1. Leech


      Really bro on Christmas day?

    2. Sarge


      Merry Christmas bro.

  3. 95 agility

  4. Pray for Leech. I heard he was so overweight and somehow got diabetes. This also makes it harder for him to see his own dick (the weight is an issue). 

    1. Alexander


      welcome back mr midgetman, u still getting chased by aliens and the cia?



  5. Support the new boy

    This game is taken way too seriously and you are the perfect example of just how big of a loser you have to be to even play this stupid game.
  6. Good job but I still aint giving up LoL for Runescape.
  7. In need of some prosthetic legs. Please donate GP to my gofundme page.

  8. EZ CLEAR has the most craziest gaze in his pictures. He looks like he's a raping pedophile serial killer.

    1. Leech


      You wear dead pool t shirts to the beach virgin

    2. Sarge


      It's a tank top you fat idiot.

  9. This is considered music?
  10. How many genders are there?

    How'd you come up with that number?:
  11. The real answer is 2, but the videos my girlfriend showed me on Youtube was that people think it's a spectrum. They have guys claiming to be girls and girls claiming to be guys. You even have people identifying being a different age or race. Sometimes I think these people are mentally ill. What are your thoughts on these crazy liberals?