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  1. Hello number 1 rs clan of all time.... what a HELL of a year 2019 has been, not long after EoP closed i ended up going to prison....Again..

    got released 10th september from my trial - BUST CASE BABY

  2. You would not believe LMAO

    We're reopening eOp as a street gang. I already started the movement in Brazil and we have 25 affiliates so far. We'll keep growing and growing
  3. The red giant...

  4. "I made an apology to Jamz to join outrage" - Godae

  5. Vote ASAP Mother is calling...

    The ship is sailing
  6. The ship is sailing this saturday.

    Good luck Fi lmao

  7. What happened to EOP?

    Facts are that eOp has never been the same since Thimaah stepped down from Leader
  8. What happened to EOP?

    Didn't u hype it up 2 reopen tho? :hmm:
  9. What happened to EOP?

    Didn't u hype it up 2 reopen tho? :hmm:
  10. love eop

  11. For Parm..