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  1. Pure clanning transfer rumours

    one of the greatest topics around
  2. Anyone still play OSRS?

    why did u ags spec an innocent chicken
  3. forums emojis

  4. weeeee baaackkk

    wheres caroline now huh @Tyler
  5. Due to us continuously beating FO (making them end in 30 mins today) they decided to dox me and send Pizza's and a fridge to my house.

  6. @Parm could you please unban me from eOp discord? Goop went freak again and banned me :(


  7. 2020

  8. Hello number 1 rs clan of all time.... what a HELL of a year 2019 has been, not long after EoP closed i ended up going to prison....Again..

    got released 10th september from my trial - BUST CASE BABY

  9. You would not believe LMAO

    We're reopening eOp as a street gang. I already started the movement in Brazil and we have 25 affiliates so far. We'll keep growing and growing
  10. EoP now?

    Hello dad... Missing you rn...
  11. EoP now?

    They are scare of the big RED scary pirate man at GDZ lmfa0.