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  1. EOP: The Rebirth

    oh shiiit
  2. Only 119k

    teles away from 99 mage. should have it Monday lmaoo
  3. Only 119k

    94 time to get 99 range
  4. Only 119k

    gang #nohomo
  5. Only 119k

    105k left
  6. 77?

    idk, I'm just replying to this for post count tbh
  7. Pure clanning transfer rumours

    rumor has it that an OG from years ago may be returning to eop (unless he gets banned for batting). his rsn hasn't been confirmed yet, but he is apparently going to hit 99 mage on Monday, after which he will get 99 range and then focus on 99 strength.
  8. Old School RuneScape

    @JoJowhy the fooook you copy my sig
  9. Hey EOP

    How's everybody doing? Most of y'all probably won't remember me. Member ID #101 checking in
  10. Hey EOP

    So i decided to go ahead and buy an account just to come back and pk with eop. If anybody wants to sell me like 50-100m for $1/m ill buy that also so i have the supplies n shit to pk with. Also if anybody wants to re teach me to brid, that'd be cool lol. have to basically re learn everything, haven't been on this game for a good 5-6 years lol. This is the account i bought btw http://imgur.com/a/Qxrsa
  11. Hey EOP

    tempted to buy an account to play idk how i feel about spending like 500 tho
  12. After 6 years...

    All I get is a Guest forum title? Wow. I'm offended.
  13. After 6 years...

    Wow aren't I like user 101 lmao
  14. After 6 years...

    How's everyone doing?
  15. Being part of EOP from my POV

    Long live EOP. I quit RS a while back. Even stopped going on IRC after a while. Now I went and checked the site and saw the url change. Actually made me sad. Something that was a big part of my life (lol) is now gone. Shoutout to everybody who is still here, who I've played with, and who quit. All of yall made my days playing runescape worth it.
  16. this really hurt

    you literally have nearly the same account as i used to before EOC but i was maxed 2 def
  17. I did it..

    youre so tiny lmfao i had 87 rc like a year ago when i quit
  18. =]

    wtf floor how are you so big
  19. i remember when i was tiny r0fl