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  1. weeeee baaackkk

    yes gz eop
  2. grats @@DitterBitter im so proud of you gj man u did good
  3. Woot finally

    grats dude big af
  4. Do you want EOP to reopen?

    Fill out the following questions 1.I have an account that meets reqs or am currently close: yes 2.Will you be a committed member to EoP? yes in 2 weeks after exams
  5. gary the plug

    grats u thiev
  6. Thanks for everything EoP

    farewell my belg friend
  7. EoP Closing Speech ft. Good Memories

    good memories man. also gj on the speech. <3
  8. @@Murd sorry i was on vacation, dont really have time bro sorry i have my last few months of exams