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  1. How do I connect to discord

    Couck we closed over a year ago its time to let it go bud you guys lost lol
  2. miss getting c with the boys

  3. You would not believe LMAO

    this aged well
  4. You would not believe LMAO

    nah dont join tht clan jamz is a psycopath ull wana kys

    @101 barz miss u brother <3
  6. You would not believe LMAO

    just getting top from @JoJobig tit greek mom hbu
  7. really miss her rn...

    dude dont play with my emotions.. eop closing was rougher than breaking up with my ex...
  8. really miss her rn...

    miss u rebgod...
  9. serious?

    mother eop is calling...
  10. if u reading this join ir lol

    if u went to sup off urself

    if u went to foe alch urself

    if u went to apex neck urself

    if u went to fi shoot urself

    if u went to ly jst leave nd join ir lol