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  1. really miss her rn...

    miss u rebgod...
  2. serious?

    mother eop is calling...
  3. if u reading this join ir lol

    if u went to sup off urself

    if u went to foe alch urself

    if u went to apex neck urself

    if u went to fi shoot urself

    if u went to ly jst leave nd join ir lol

  4. For Parm..

  5. love eop

    @AlexWAAR @Parm @matt @Tyler @Thimaah @bob @WeeZy @Repa @Kieran @joey @King Dete @Pain @Ibra @nawe @Stick
  6. For Awaar...

    @AlexWAAR @Parm @matt @Tyler @Thimaah @bob @WeeZy @Repa @Kieran @joey @King Dete @Pain @Ibra @nawe
  7. @AlexWAAR @Parm @matt @Tyler @Thimaah @bob @WeeZy @Repa @Kieran @joey @King Dete @Pain @Ibra @nawe @Stick
  8. For my Real NiBBas

    @AlexWAAR @Thimaah @Parm @Ibra @nawe @WeeZy
  9. her...

    @AlexWAAR @Parm @matt @Tyler @Thimaah @bob @WeeZy @Repa @Kieran @joey @King Dete @Pain I would die for u... do or die for u.... suicide for u.... RIP... I would die for u....
  10. nav leak...

    shit is so fire
  11. @WeeZy Yesterday when we were getting highYou were invited, you woulda liked itI, I, I know you all too wellI said that we could kiss the past goodbyeBut you weren't excitedThere's no way to fight itYou can stay but shawty here I go
  12. They say "You promised me you would never change".... @AlexWAAR @Parm @matt @Thimaah @Maxx @robbyy