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  1. not my leader :rolf:

    and these kids flame me for skilling meanwhile they are playing games for 10 year olds @debb @Parm
  2. fortnite goat kid

    this is a runescape clan kid
  3. 2100

    fk nerd
  4. BIG dick main

  5. So lucky last night

    cool and all but op closed l0l
  6. t's 2018, 17th of october.

    Neither of my leaders are anywhere to be seen, I asked around my fellow members where art thou jack and debb?

    in the distance you could hear Jack downing the last of the completely covered maple syrup pancakes while taking a bong hit with his 'boys'.

    What's that noise I hear?

    a motor starting? turns out debb stole another car.

    it is currently 00:00 GMT and my leaders are nowhere to be found.

    Life is good.

    1. Sauce


      fat jacks too busy dunking on dem hoes and debb is still fixing @IcyB (koshar)'s dishwasher :rolf:

  7. 95 hunter

    id lose the cloak if i was to die, and im not there to pk