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  1. Successful day on the ironboy

    Olympus vs. POP F2P Prep 2-1 [Colourized]
  2. Zammy task, 2nd SOTD Dk task, 3x Archer rings Rangers Tunic from elite clue, 12m looty
  3. First pet on my 106

    shit acc
  4. 50%

    "most stable" :joy: :yeet:
  5. Quick gainer

    Hey, you know that work, that hard, exquisite moist work you put into that piece of crap no one in the history of the human race kind likes? Well guess what now and when how, no one honestly will give twenty billion six thousand seventy-one floating squirrel dicks about any of that elephant shit you had just made in the past twenty four hours time, bud. Unless you actually think that any human being between the ages of 0 and 122 actually gives hippo ass about any of that work you put in, well guess what, anyone actually gives one in today's modern June 6, 2016-9:10:49 society my asshole. But heres the thing, if you decide to erase my impressive work and command c and command v your work, while also sending me an email saying how bad I am at whatever the fuck i have ever done, I might just might definitely say that I totally give a quadruple droplets of piss about any of what you've done in whatever lifespan we are in. So, if this was too long and you haven't read, no one honestly cares mate. Kill yourself. Sincerely, Fucktard who has no friends.
  6. For Her...

    very nice