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  1. Your welcome cheap ass

  2. Service Complete @gregstar, enjoy!

    safe bruv. i added b gloves to u paki
  3. Team Bandits

  4. 3 thou

    see you on the other side
  5. Team Bandits

    thanks lads.
  6. Team Bandits

    THIS TOPIC WILL BE LOCKED MESSAGE ME ON FORUMS Who are we? Team Bandits is a Single Pking med team that pk's daily at east drags / west drags/ graveyard / black chins. We are a GMT based team with members from all over the world. UK, US, The Netherlands, Sweden , Finland, Our team consists 5-8 members atm. Current Roster: Leader - @Counters Pk Leader - @Glenn Members: @Jack @amenti @badiator @josh @debb Requirements Apart from being active ingame, we also require you to meet the following: Meds - Zerks 88-109 combat 60+ Attack Posted Image 94+ Magic (incl. DT completed) Posted Image 90+ Strength Posted Image / 90+ Range Posted Image 70 Defence Posted Image 70 Prayer Posted Image Must have Brid experience. You're experience will be tested in clanwars, you have to win 2/3 fights to get accepted. Range tank 100+ combat 99 Defence Posted Image 85+ Magic Posted Image 90+ Range Posted Image Special weapon Posted Image Teleport Blockers Posted Image 100+ combat 70-99 Defence Posted Image 85+ Magic Posted Image Must have experience with teleblocking people. Discord You must idle on Discord and in clanchat whenever you get on Runescape. How to contact us? Send me a private message on Discord Counters#7642 Runescape name: Attack level: Strength level: Defence level: Range level Magic level: Hitpoints level: Combat level: Brid/TankTeleblocker: THIS TOPIC WILL BE LOCKED MESSAGE ME ON FORUMS
  7. my nigger how much and do u reckon u could do it ona 42 def
  8. mini vs apex 2-1

  9. fuck off , leave tht vid on ur own clans forums don't just use ours for views
  10. Any coders here? Looking for a job

    Connect the instagram ip to the main user on the app, then download a vpn which encrypyts the new instagram account with new dilogocial ip adress what links it to the one your trying to reach out, @[email protected]@Jack
  11. Gold Shop

    vouch gl homie
  12. 99 Ranged.

    Currently alching to 99 magic, getting 99 str remaining 60 att and 42 def, will max out 92 cb, then quests for ds2 and mm2.
  13. Magic

  14. woofbot: A personal project

    fuck off u pussy hole