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  1. another 1 down

    that better be your pure big gz hoe
  2. Sipping whilst Flipping

    can i be as cool as u plz
  3. Sipping whilst Flipping

  4. lol @ the nigga who deleted my status. All i said is apparently, the audacity of creating an inactive post made no difference. atleast for me. Delete again pussy, u gonna have to ban me to stop me from reposting my opinion.

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    2. Parm


      You haven't met member requirements since we re-opened (4/8 trips a month) and I'm positive you didn't meet them before we opened either. In fact according to the attendance spreadsheets we save you've made less than 30% of trips since you joined EoP. Furthermore to put it in perspective, you've made 1 of the last 12 trips and posted topics for 3 of those. A topic will only get you so far, feel free to PM any High Council+ if you have an issue.

    3. Turmoil


      the fact that u replied to this instead of deleting it. respekt. but other than that 1) leaders were aware that i can't make saturdays at all, or at least jamz did when he was leader and then tyler and i talked about it when he was leader.. but it low-key changes every couple months so kind of tired of explaining it to every new leader. not that I'm saying anything wrong with our current leadership, actually 2 great people but i should've just made going away topic for 1 month had i known this month was going to be this hectic. parm ur still a bot on fortnite

    4. Parm


      I have no prob giving u it back once you can be more active and meet the 6/8 trips.

      and im a god on fortnite now man.

  5. IR smoked by jagex

  6. Selling GP [100m+ ONLY]


    Ayyy grats

  9. gainZ

    Big gains
  10. Sunday 2 ~ Clearing Fo + Making Bank

    why fom so trash lmao
  11. moonlight

  12. gang shit

    lookin nice, big gz!
  13. New Sig nature

    looks good and goes really well with our forum theme!