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  1. Friday Night Sweep [50M+]

    shut up retard
  2. prayed to Jahseh for eop


  3. if u slaved to fight a clan then advocated joining them literally find the nearest belt and closet

  4. goal boy

    gz 2100 total
  5. nav leak...

    idk every nav song is the same to me I USED TO (insert loser action here) AND NOW I (insert winner action here)
  6. Discord: http://eop-rs.org/discord Teamspeak: ts.eop-rs.org 12/26/2018: Today the Eruption of Pures massed up over 30 pures to take on Apex in some F2P Fights. After winning 2-1 in a prep format, we then would win in the first to 50 in a dominating fashion. Thanks for the fights, Apex! Defeat Victory Eruption of Pures (Starting/Ending): 26/13 Apex (Starting/Ending): 26/0 Victory Eruption of Pures (Starting/Ending): 27/12 Apex (Starting/Ending): 27/0 First to 50 Victory Eruption of Pures ending score: 50 Apex ending score: 37 @Jack @Parm
  7. My G's Dem

    when u comin back
  8. <17:42:34> "squidbilly": im a pimple face virgin porn addict and im proud