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  1. I was looking at getting a pure and playing the game but I couldn't find much info on pure clanning being a thing anymore and if theres a community. rsns?
  2. miss u xx

    Will return pending if I can find an account ~ thanks for the love
  3. miss u xx

    no plans as of now unless someone has a pure 4sale. I work alot + high maintenance girl which takes up most of my time and definitely my weekends :P
  4. miss u xx

    hey boys n gurls. heard eop ended? are you guys back. good times.
  5. Need IT/Network Genius help

    So my ISP said they detected "Illegal downloading" , i've been torrenting for literally 6months with no problem, and then 5mins after being ddosed they randomly slow the internet and block every port so I can't login to games or voip programs. My ISP has taken a DDoS attack as a "illegal downloading" issue LOL, they have literally stopped my net from being used purely because packets flooded in and they thought I was seeding torrents, wtf.??
  6. I think it's the right section? Long story short,I was ddosed, not a big deal, restarted my router for new IP. I can connect to webpages, like 90% of them, but I can not connect to TS3, or runescape, or my musicbots webinterface and things like that. They just display the regular error to connect messages. I can ping a runescape world and get a reply, but cant login.. , weird. Things I have done: Reset Router to Defaults. Restart router for 30mins which also reset my IP. Ran antivirus programs. Disabled and enabled all my firewalls. Changed DNS from Google back to Auto back to Google. Flushdns multiple times. Tried wireless + Ethernet. None of which have worked. tl;dr - ddosed, can connect to 90% webpages, cant connect to TS or RS.
  7. New To Me

    , its ight but doesn't draw me in
  8. funny af if you haven't already seen it.
  9. back at it

    wats the plan with the account, f2p godzilla?
  10. lolol woke up to glory, another winning day for eop
  11. f2p pk trip pic dump

    yet another successful weekend that i have taken part in. 10 screenshots here http://imgur.com/a/rmHeB fun , sv literally cleared very easily LOL
  12. Midweek Trip. Feat Mains. Claws + Toxic Staff Loot Yet another successful Midweek trip run by What a Bawss. UB + IR Cleared I have a little concoction of media here to share. Got barely any sleep, made a quick video - lost half the footage but got the dclaw smite at the end. Thanks to @@Insty for the call on the mains with claws, top bloke good call. [VIDEO] https://youtu.be/bmte6ZAXTK8 [/VIDEO] Appreciate everybody who came, if you attended as a pure and haven't introduced yourself, go ahead and post an intro. http://eop-rs.org/community/index.php?/forum/61-community-introductions/