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  1. How do I connect to discord

    yo matt long time no c wats the matter with ur disc? recover forum acc i guess
  2. See you soon

  3. EoP Is Back

    Eruption of pures its time to mass world 105 now get off your ass
  4. Saturday gon be great show the fuck up

  5. Big man ting wednesday be on

  6. Justice 4 Nightz

    Allen: Attended Doom anni trip rather than EoP trip would repeat without a doubt amirite @Hormone
  7. Notice this 1

    We all saw the cape counter reaching the 120's when we fought them right Well heres a picture of their pull with cc this without a single main on the map(they told em to log off LOL) joke of a clan you wouldn't even last an hour if you fought us as presented on your picture
  8. my clan is better than yours lmfaoooo

  9. RE:RE:RE: Consistency for Retirees

    When eop calls WE answer Bus2singles
  10. Foepremacy

    its a trap bro