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  1. A Christmas Miracle!

    my fucing NIGGA
  2. @Karl Wake up. It's time

    1. Guerilla


      isnt that zealot :o

  3. You can tell Tannie has 0 clan experience is was just at the right place and the right time lol..

  4. Got an emergency call last night, got to the scene and saw FO dead.


  5. (17:07:15) (FOEDANNY) i think some people (myself included) said some things we shouldnt have
    (17:07:39) (FOEDANNY) and our actions will have consequences 
    (17:09:17) (FOEDANNY) i understand tho :|
    (17:09:24) (FOEDANNY) not personal, just business
    (19:51:43) (FOEDANNY) look lets be real this is pretty much all my fault
    (19:51:48) (FOEDANNY) is there anything i can do to make this right
    (19:51:54) (FOEDANNY) or is it too late

  6. If you're in FOc and always be browsing our forums, go ahead and pm me on discord Bbm#7613

  7. Your clan ain't prepared

    Tbr will break after 1 walk down
  8. fo could not save this shit shit clan.
  9. You're welcome for making the 2x 4x man clumps fero is dogshit