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  1. fortnite goat kid

    2018 playing fornite lol XD ninja is my fave streamer btw #tsm
  2. dirty cups got my head right

    ur white with 8 kids stop listening to this music buddy go listen to the beatles or something
  3. not my leader :rolf:

    gross lol
  4. herbert

    herbert is a fag who sounds like the female version of legolas
  5. herbalizing

    ur fuckd in the hed m8
  6. went back to nmz

    13 def? just get 30
  7. another 1 down

  8. Won't be on saturday sorry

  9. shouts out to uncle swag

    u still play this game nerd?
  10. thimaah would fuck/marry ashley kill else
  11. skeez awards 2018

    grats all except @Icyb
  12. i still believe that kavanaugh is a piece of shit