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  1. 90 Prayer

    gg cash stack
  2. 80 slay

    Slay takes way too fucking long 10/10 wouldn't recommend
  3. 94 hunter

    go vegan
  4. Fom Cleared after 7 hours - rag war

    since when is he on our side?
  5. Best Nade OF MY LIFE

  6. massive xp drop

    decent acc
  7. @Leech but diabetes will beat me to it.
  8. H3ad Burner showed me da wae

    still waiting on a pic of ur GF's ass
  9. 20 defence btw.

  10. Know your place kid lmao

    TOO EZ FOR @Togo
  11. H3ad Burner showed me da wae

    https://gyazo.com/1328ec85ccaa97c1191949bcfca9450b Actually gonna come to Sat trips when I get the time @Jack
  12. skeez awards 2018

    damn unlucky me