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  1. Hobbys

    that bike looks fucking sick my g
  2. looking for skiller

    how much for the agility?
  3. selling 200m

    its only .7 per normal rate
  4. Need Help plz brothers

    @Togo thaat screenie of that computer is trash as fuck! your better off honestly buying one off a friend's ironside site or somthing you only actually end up paying about $100 more for them to build it, ship it ect it's no good buying expensive parts when your gunna fuck it up & mash up your air flow ect. The core to a computer is Motherboard Processor - Anything over i5 4400k Will do Graphics Card anything over GTX 950 These days will do Ram - anything over 16GB Will do the other parts u need are fans, memory, disc tray ect.
  5. Alching

    rune jav heads buy for 600-610 each and you only lose like 30gp per
  6. yh i edit for gp hmu do rs edits too check my chan
  7. My Old Forum Account

    lmfao nigga u dont give a fuck haahahhahaahaha
  8. lol

  9. True always that risk, I have alot of people who could vouch for me & could give email ect for right price.
  10. wouldnt it be cheaper to buy a account? I've got a maxed zerk for sale
  11. max hit, 2 more to go

  12. Training Question

    How do you train these days? NMZ Asorb? I've got 94 Mage banked but can't afford anything else as bank is 10Mish Whats the best way to train? safe Stats Atm https://gyazo.com/e8165ca7979523dfd62de90c24a27bf2
  13. Drum & Bass

    its jump up dnb hes big in the UK