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  1. join ir

    all the real niggas kno

    @debb @Foxy1 @Parm @Glenn


  2. EoP Is Back

    fi anni soon..
  3. if u reading this join ir lol

    if u went to sup off urself

    if u went to foe alch urself

    if u went to apex neck urself

    if u went to fi shoot urself

    if u went to ly jst leave nd join ir lol

  4. if u weren't one of the beta cucks that joined foe or sup join ir for all the real niggas


    nawe, togo, debb, amenti >ongoing

    1. Dan`


      i dont know any of yall cucks but #apex

  5. love eop

    love <3
  6. For Awaar...

    0-3 in a 2-1 prep-awar
  7. For my Real NiBBas

    my g
  8. Happy new year

  9. [Thursday] P2P Inners

    u pick the day everyone gnna be hangover af from newyears hmm i'll try 2make it