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  1. 2100

    fat jack fat levels
  2. P2P Mini vs. Supremacy ~ 2-0

    20 infernals 1 mini win YES BOYS
  3. it's 2018, 17th of october.

    Neither of my leaders are anywhere to be seen, I asked around my fellow members where art thou jack and debb?

    in the distance you could hear Jack downing the last of the completely covered maple syrup pancakes while taking a bong hit with his 'boys'.

    What's that noise I hear?

    a motor starting? turns out debb stole another car.

    it is currently 00:00 GMT and my leaders are nowhere to be found.

    Life is good.

  4. Holy shit I've been busy

    all good irl priorities
  5. me and @amenti
    score: 6-0

    deaths: 0


    +9m each


  6. Hobbys

    did it for about 2 yrs, it's p fun and a nice time off
  7. Hobbys

    gym mostly used to box
  8. be on for bootcamp today!