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  1. goal boy

  2. Lynx Titan beat the game

    wtf the madman
  3. merry christmas to the 5 christians in this clan

    1. Leech


      Lol most 'christians' who celebrate Christmas haven't been to Church since their baptism

      Merry xmas tho pal

    2. Naaldo


      Merry xmas brother

  4. Hello Ashley, They call me the King of Kings... I am King with a ring, but not the ring you are probably thinking of. For years my life has revolved around babysitting prepubescent boys and girls. I am in dire need of a woman in my life.. You know what? I deserve a good woman. I'm an educated man with a B.Sc and M.Sc in Earth Sciences. I recently got laid off but I'm still getting paid as I worked in consulting/contracting. I wish to spend the remainder of my pay period on holidays and I think you'd be the perfect person to spend my time with. Please read your inbox for my private email. Send me an email whenever you read this if you are interested. PS: I rarely use Facebook, I prefer we communicate through email. Thanks for registering!