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  1. You would not believe LMAO

    what u know about GBH S18 throw out
  2. Hello number 1 rs clan of all time.... what a HELL of a year 2019 has been, not long after EoP closed i ended up going to prison....Again.. got released 10th september from my trial - BUST CASE BABY hows everyone been? Whens EoP re-opening?
  3. What happened to EOP?

    eop should never of closed.clan was over 13 years old, legacys dont die
  4. eop is back?

    well forums were off now back on.
  5. eop is back?

    am i trippin or just super high??????????
  6. My G's Dem

    Merry Xmas boys @Parm @Phebz @Pink Bus @Ryan @Jack @Berry @palo @nish @Sean
  7. we dont stop V2

    doxed? posted his public snapchat and a number from scotland. didn't dox shit. but i will now im at work.
  8. we dont stop V2

    I got banned for BEING SCAMMED? ? ?
  9. we dont stop V2

    made a intro for clan friend because i don't want to sit on my laptop playing runescape alone lol. Tyler refuses to unban me so i will be in another community
  10. we dont stop V2

    doesnt mean im joining does it? @Phebz
  11. we dont stop V2

    Because he perm banned me on ts? they dont ban greg? im not being in a clan with scammers? flamers i cna tolerate, scamming me? kys. l0l. im introducing myself. Just like amenti, and half of EoP has.