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  1. I was at the gym lifting some iron, man. You were on runescape training your iron man. @debb:hardjoy:

  2. love eop

    even rose mary...
  3. her...

    id tap
  4. For my Real NiBBas

    so if u gotta go...
  5. For Awaar...

    ily togo
  6. All a nigga know is how to fuck a good thing up :slow:

  7. Welcome to all the Misfits brothers! 

  8. [READ] Our Current Situation

  9. New Vid :D

    new togo vid!
  10. Team Bandit Killers

    https://gyazo.com/54b1a742c05464531ca8f8d7c1391fa5 THIS TOPIC WILL BE LOCKED MESSAGE ME ON FORUMS Who are we? Team Bandits is a Single Pking med team that pk's daily at east drags / west drags/ graveyard / black chins. We are a GMT based team with members from all over the world. UK, US, The Netherlands, Sweden , Finland, Our team consists 5-8 members atm. Current Roster: Leader - @Tyler @AlexWAAR Pk Leader - @togo Members: @Jack @amenti @badiator @josh @debb @nawe @unreal @robbyy @101 Requirements Apart from being active ingame, we also require you to meet the following: Meds - Zerks 88-109 combat 60+ Attack Posted Image 94+ Magic (incl. DT completed) Posted Image 90+ Strength Posted Image / 90+ Range Posted Image 70 Defence Posted Image 70 Prayer Posted Image Must have Brid experience. You're experience will be tested in clanwars, you have to win 2/3 fights to get accepted. Range tank 100+ combat 99 Defence Posted Image 85+ Magic Posted Image 90+ Range Posted Image Special weapon Posted Image Teleport Blockers Posted Image 100+ combat 70-99 Defence Posted Image 85+ Magic Posted Image Must have experience with teleblocking people. Discord You must idle on Discord and in clanchat whenever you get on Runescape. How to contact us? Send me a private message on Discord Counters#7642 Runescape name: Attack level: Strength level: Defence level: Range level Magic level: Hitpoints level: Combat level: Brid/TankTeleblocker: THIS TOPIC WILL BE LOCKED MESSAGE ME ON FORUMS