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  1. also thank you to everyone that helped me, protecting me at altar and shit
  2. specced a guy out at high altar doing pray for abyssal dagger p++
  3. Grind to 99 1 more cb
  4. Thursday Night [75M+]

    lol that first loot wtf
  5. Apex Prep 2-1

    gj. love the dancing bald guys
  6. lmao good shit guys sry wasnt there
  7. max 90 cb

    gl smiting 75 pray with no food at an altar lol
  8. EOP Saturday phat Ownage

    gj guys, fun trip; we need everyone active though, we should have bigger pull
  9. 98 hp

    @Glenn if you wanna talk on ts i can walk you through it. 200k+ per hour is only really doable on tuesday or wednesday though, the server resets and the spawn times resync every thursday
  10. heh