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  1. For the boys

  2. UIM for 50m

  3. Support the new boy

    Yeah screw this game.
  4. We never stop

    Big gz
  5. Everyone welcome my new acc to EoP

    Beautiful name lmao
  6. Whats up guys, I'm a future application and in the process of rebuilding an account. I'm not the type to want to become the next big youtube runescape guy, just want to make a couple friends and motivate myself to keep pushing through the grind. I do giveaways every Sunday doubling in prize each week, so it's a good opportunity to win some extra gold for bonds or whatever you guys may need! If you take a watch, leave me some feedback on what I can do better no negative feedback is bad to me, I take it all constructively. Hope to be apping soon!
  7. Free loot always the best loot.