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  1. Funny IRC quotes

    (17:49:17) <lumi> how can i leak (17:49:30) <lumi> ok thats it (17:49:50) <lumi> me k0ing tayyab at last f2p trip ************************* (17:49:54) <lumi> rip s0n (17:50:15) <[EoP]lemonns> lumi you must have a big penis (17:50:25) <lumi> ty (17:50:31) <[EoP]lemonns> in your mouth
  2. Legal TV/MOVIE Websites

    I use watch-series.eu to watch tv shows
  3. Fatality Leader Forums

  4. if any cp members reading this topic better apped for eop before cp closes on u
  5. im a pirate and a lemon gf cp
  6. why cp hating join eop apps are open
  7. 137 User(s) are reading this topic 23 members, 114 guests, 0 anonymous users
  8. i hate not knowing what is going on cuz im too lazy to read:(
  9. wait sum this up im too lazy to read
  10. Who would win in an irl fight?

    solo, milky vs goop
  11. 5 Years of Eruption

    same cant w8 to join