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  1. Earlier today, i had a little reunions with some real life friends and they kept reminiscing about runescape, and the first thing pop up in my head was the old fun memories EOP. Supriuse I still remember the login hehehehe. Till this day i still remember the days when the admins kept telling me to get rid of the regen bracelet and go get the gloves/get tfing firecape [email protected]!==!!". Good O memories. Anyways was curious if any old fruitcakes is still around; skittles berry ubbertviins,goop,solo,suwoop,tay there are others i forgot, im sure of that. Just want to say hi, and hope everyone been doing well irl. Much love. H00dz jr
  2. Outrages Apology

    It toooooooooo late to apologizeeeeee it tooooooooooooooooo lateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee For once One republic on my side
  3. Describe the person above you

    a very sexy beast
  4. Describe the person above you

    a sexy beast
  5. Describe the person above you

    not as rich as me