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  1. weeeee baaackkk

    who you
  2. How do I connect to discord

    many c patients above, but ya idk.. miss u bud
  3. Quite boring slaying my job, making mad bank, have plenty of time to demoralize bad clans. 

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    2. Chicago


      EOP 2020 - The New Generation 

    3. JoJo


      Shall we begin? 



    4. rEB
  4. Happy New Years family. 

  5. 2020

    we strike in silence
  6. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year brother!
  7. Yo @Solo, 14 years on 9/2020. :shush:

  8. Former EOP

    sup dog
  9. EoP now?

    wassup cuzzo
  10. EoP now?

    love you fam
  11. Cronic/Solo 2020 still in the books. See ya'll soon. 

    1. Parm
    2. :^)


      miss u man solo visits my clans forums and talks in my discord every 2 days you should come through 



      All us EoP boys are in here, literally everyone that even goes on their PC jojo, nish, berry, solo etc the whole lot

    1. JrJ


      can you get my invited to the discord? the link on eop site isn't working says it invalid. my discord is sofaking #0311