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  1. What happened to EOP?

    Whats the point of asking veterans/retired to come to pk trips? If you're looking at members to blame it's those members who couldn't care less about EoP that doesn't come to trips. You might as well get rid of these ranks while your at it because these members have veteran/retired ranks for a reason.
  2. How's one Raptor fan would want Lebum/LeQueen/LeChoke/LeCantGetARingWithoutKyrie James on the Lakers lol? Solo Bandwagon Laker fan since 2018 stick to rs bud
  3. Worst pure clans?

    1)CP 2)Outbreak 3)FI
  4. Late fishing with her.....

    She left the day you went legend
  5. 94 STR!

    So when you going to stop messing around and put a leader rank on your forehead?
  6. Clearly next level runecrafter

    Pm for rc skilling lessons
  7. New goal EoP stays open until every last one of the pure clan community closes
  8. Need feedback on my calling

    Just none of that “switch ur attack styles accordingly” bullshit and you’re good.... kinda
  9. Palo vs Awaar

    You're poor
  10. Accounts for Sale

    I got you with 2 paper clips, a rubber band, chewed up bubble gum and a 2$ off on ur next haircut
  11. Just convince lalo to move fs into the lpc scene. They’re somewhat close to this era of EoP
  12. Outburst member for 46m

    ahh yes OB paying for off too bad that 46M doesn't cut it

    it's Sunday ain't no midweek lel
  14. OMFG FINALLY 83 CON!!!

    Build a kitchen and make me a sandwich please
  15. 80 CON!!!

    Build a kitchen and make me a sandwich please
  16. Envy moving up as LPC

    Welp was a great run fellas back to HPC
  17. These fo members are dumb You could tell by ur ranks voices that y’all already lost the fight at the start lol
  18. Your first clan

    A0D (Ang3lzofD34th) 2007 wasn’t a well known clan but had some really good f2p miniwarers

    @ come back.... you can put the blame on me
  20. Finally got it lol

    Something that a Former Divinity member would do @@strguri
  21. EoP's #1 F2P SATURDAY (again...)

    imagine getting cleared with f2p gear in a p2p world smh
  22. Cunt of the day

    Wow Murd always stealing people's world smh....
  23. When my Leader says to Fall in

    Disappointing pull needs more mains
  24. Sup still alive? Thought they closed a long time ago
  25. One more

    @@Lifelover @@S0RA @@Dirt-Matt Daniel smiles down on @@Russ today