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  1. Selling 1 Def and 35 Def Accounts

    The def is MM reward if that's what you're asking. If you're asking if it has a lot of quests done no.
  2. Selling 1 Def and 35 Def Accounts

    150 for the 35 deffer or 125 for the 1 def if you want them
  3. Selling 1 Def and 35 Def Accounts

    I'd like 150 for it
  4. Selling 1 Def and 35 Def Accounts

    I'm looking for offers because I'm not entirely sure what it's worth.
  5. Selling 1 Def and 35 Def Accounts

    I don't have any interest in RS and I need the money, don't need these accounts. I'd prefer to sell them to someone who has been in EoP for a long time or a committed member so I know that they're going to be put to good use for you guys. I don't know what they're worth honestly, I browsed playerauctions to get a rough idea but I'm looking to unload them sooner rather than later. I'm sure plenty of people can vouch for me if you're newer and don't know who I am. Just so it's clear I'm not looking for RSGP. I don't have a paypal although I guess I can set one up if that's the only way. They have basic quests done, neither have their full RFD gloves. 1 Def doesn't have DT done. 35 Def has a fire cape, 1 def doesn't. Maybe ~5m in total wealth between them. I think the 1 def is 84 combat, the 35 is like 102. The 1 deffer has an email login, the 35 deffer does not. I've never sold an account before so if there is any more relevant info you'd like let me know. .
  6. Thank you Debb

    Good night
  7. Big

  8. eop f2p smoke saturday

    Didn't die once, was fun etc etc
  9. hey it me nathan

    account looks weird but at least now i can train my baby pure
  10. Attendance awards

    will you upgrade to rune scimitar? 37 attack 4 lyfe
  11. Attendance awards

    every1 give me the money and ill probably deal with it
  12. A few thoughts on the leadership

    Every major leadership change inevitably goes through a month or two where they need to work out the kinks and find their voice. There's generally a lot of macho posturing, a lot of pseudo intellectual bullshit and attempting to reinvent the wheel. All of that is better than complacency. You inherited a #1 clan with a decade old memberbase, continue to build that memberbase and find yourselves something to rally behind.
  13. llama's leak info

    You should have an account to keep track of known spies/leaks/undesirables to keep up with name changes.
  14. Recruiting

    Recruiting doesn't go unnoticed, keep it up