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  1. Happy New Year!

    I hope you all are enjoying yourselves, stay safe... ~ EoP-Staff
  2. 2020

  3. hi cutie <3

    1. Murd


      Is that the boy??

    2. Daser


      oh yeah the only one ;)

  4. Thanks for finding my toothpick, thought I'd lost it
  5. Final exam finished, degree completed. Now joining the ranks of the highly educated EoPians....

  6. EoP are legitimate gamers, unlike the dirty scum of fom
  7. Bare with me here

    You then ask danny why are we scared of eop and never fight them, with him replying "the games dead bro nobody plays" while you refresh the homepage and see 150k active players.
  8. Hello

    Welcome my friend
  9. Big Fat Lewtie

    Easy lootation
  10. Sad to see that a clan who considers themselves as an honourable one are full of doxing, hacking and bringing mass mains. No wonder their average pull over their existence is in the low 30s