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  1. Important topic coming up soon. Stay tuned.

  2. the fuck happened to this clan leech

  3. Johana Sanchez

    The title reel'd me in. Merry xmas Insty x
  4. what u hear there mate
    is the voice of a hungry lion clan
    who is standing and fighting like man
    dont forget we send u straight for a year to clw, u remember those days good init brother?
    to do inners with sup or yourself lmfao
    brother did you forget we made you cancel your own shitty trips for weekends ?
    i would be ashamed tho and put my capes off for months
    did you forget we leaked you're audio/irc/rankboards etc etc(gewijzigd)
    pipe down man the eagles are gonna be good dinner for us ~ Team-50
  5. Helping producing Youtube stars since 2005. Join now before its too late.

    1. Jew


      free dandach

  6. Up to you

    Your choice guys.
  7. that moment u realize u have shit ranks like @Zach, his mom is prolly get fucked by a donkey right now 

  8. Good morning vapers

    1. Aaron
    2. Parm


      ripped a hugeeeeeee 1 off my sorin jus now

    3. Aaron


      lost my juul rippin my smok stick v8 carbon fiber edition


  9. While u losers are at lava drags I'm smoking my Juul ( Mango flavour) while two strippers are giving me a massage lmfao.

    1. Bbm


      Little do you know those girls were dudes at one time. FAGGOT

  10. It's 2007, I'm a level 30 range pure in the level 3 wildy fighting other noobs. 2pac changes blasting in my speakers. Good times.

    1. Maaku


      I agree but didnt listen tupac