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  1. Come online on Saturday if you want to snipe FI on their anniversary

  2. Rise eop rise

  3. It's Friday today, you know what that means.

    1. JrJ


      burger king has hot fries all day?

  4. Train your xlpc accounts!

  5. Comeback Series

    Good bro, Miss all you crazy cunts x
  6. Important topic coming up soon. Stay tuned.

  7. the fuck happened to this clan leech

  8. Johana Sanchez

    The title reel'd me in. Merry xmas Insty x
  9. what u hear there mate
    is the voice of a hungry lion clan
    who is standing and fighting like man
    dont forget we send u straight for a year to clw, u remember those days good init brother?
    to do inners with sup or yourself lmfao
    brother did you forget we made you cancel your own shitty trips for weekends ?
    i would be ashamed tho and put my capes off for months
    did you forget we leaked you're audio/irc/rankboards etc etc(gewijzigd)
    pipe down man the eagles are gonna be good dinner for us ~ Team-50
  10. Helping producing Youtube stars since 2005. Join now before its too late.

    1. Jew


      free dandach

  11. dear players

    Thanks for having the courtesy and the courage to apologise.