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  1. hearing reports that EOP could reopen potentially as soon as next week as a rebranded clan, Jamz and Scott at the helm

  2. not long now

  3. One more ride

  4. https://i.gyazo.com/5a5ec1d1433d56d6cd01737bcef1844a.png
  5. A storm is brewing :shush:

  6. Former EOP

    i can ref u
  7. @Jamz stop digging up dead clans with washed up retards like robb with 2 y's.

  8. damn eop really held me back IRL. Just had a 3some tbh

    1. JoJo


      Respect. EOP closed and my bench press went up 300 pounds tbh. 

    2. Jew


      thats some serious iron joey.  The results are unbelievable.

  9. EOP: The Rebirth

    but u sound like hanu goof
  10. Zach Zot whats that voice man that shit is nasty

  11. samad is a dogs name haha

  12.  And It is written, Guthix is the one true God of Gielinor and Falador Keith is his prophet

    Fatalians 3:11


    wtf is this cringe shit l00l im glad i didnt join that clan. what a bunch of losers fr

    1. robbyy


      as if u had a choice liam

  13. samad bilal is 1 ugly dog

  14. My guy therichwhiteman only releases bars check his shit