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  1. Released from jail

    Don't forget @ Not sure if he continued or even did Law, can't remember. hello??? WHAT ABOUT ME And yeah Jonty graduated just now oh yeah saving the best till last @@Floor @@Leech could you include me also, i am thinking of becoming one. Thanks for thinking of me @ @@Floor @@Leech but I have followed my true calling - Public Relations, I now work at the world's top PR firm edit: I do have a law degree though.
  2. We made it cody

    What faggotry is this, a new community site?
  3. Pure Community: Future of clans?

    You have a valid points, and I agree with most of everything you stated. However, the community has never gotten this bad; almost so bad that it has become unbearable to enjoy (my perspective). The Pure Community & Pure Warfare topics from the past were immature at times, but it was because of the of heavy competition between so many different clans. Nowadays, most Sharkbrew topics are just mindless babble just to call the other persons mother a derogatory name. Clans that use to fight for "being top 3" now built their own communities while multi-clanning in the better clans. When clans like Zenith and every awful clan Duval created opened, they competed with the now "HPC's" because they wanted to actually feel the emotion of being one of the best. So many more problems, not enough time to explain..... I know the last part of your statement was a jab at me, but I know you feel the same way. I have watched your demeanor & attitude completely change over the years by the way you post around the the various communities on this game. Deep down even you know there is some really off about the pure community, but just like myself, this isn't our generation of pure clanning since we are both inactive focusing on more important things in life. Btw, how is life going? That's more likely a reflection of you growing up rather than the community becoming worse, although I don't exactly know what goes on these days. It wasn't a jab at you specifically, every person that posted in this topic complaining about the state of the pure community was satisfied with how it was back when they were active, and again I think it's more them growing up (or just people only remembering the good times), than the community being any worse or different, other than that it isn't as big. I never minded about things like this, and while my demeanor has changed as i've gotten older, I would still do many of the same things because they were nearly always in the interest of winning, which is the only thing about this game I found fun or interesting. The only thing I could never truly stand was clan hopping, and people gloating about success they haven't contributed to. Life is going well my friend, I graduate next month, go to Japan with my gf the month after, then will hopefully start a good grad job in the new year, i've had some really good internships so i'm hopeful, I may even end up moving back to the UK.
  4. Pure Community: Future of clans?

    People have been complaining about the state of the pure community, the people in it and its attitude, and forecasting its imminent death for as long as I can remember. The fact is the average age of people in the community is probably higher now than it ever has been, as there are progressively less and less new, younger pures joining the community, while many people who have been around for more than half a decade continue to linger. In the same vein, it's probably far more mature. If you go back through Pure Warfare archives and look at topics from 2009 and 2010, the way people acted back then was far more immature than it is now. On the flip side, with people older and the clans more experienced and jaded, naturally they'll be more cynical in how they conduct themselves. Still, in 2011 clans' websites were being hacked on an almost weekly basis, as were ranks' accounts, the pure community was fragmenting into different community sites, clans literally formed alliances and joint trips with main clans (MM/HF, EoP/Px, etc.), I doubt there is anything worse than that happening now. If you look back, it was Epidemic in 2009, and then EoP in 2010, that totally changed the pure community in terms of disregarding the 'honor' system that had been in placed since the beginning of the community, and as EoP thrived and became the major force in the community in 2010 until 2012, everyone attempted to replicate what we were doing, and now it is just the way business is done. The only thing funnier than seeing newer community members complain about how things aren't like they used to be, is seeing people who were around back in the day complain when they themselves were apart of the exact same things being complained about now There is well and truly no going back now, nor is there a need too. The pure community is now a reflection of our clanning model and we still do it better than anyone else.
  5. Best Leader In EoP History?

    This guy knows. But in all srsness probably Goop.
  6. elders

  7. He shot 44% you fkn retard, the best last game of any professional athlete of any sport in the world. umad idiot wow he shot 44% against Joe Ingles, what an achievement lmao. There are truly great players shooting a far higher % than that and their teams aren't garbage because of their selfishness, grats on finishing bottom of the western conference in your final season Kobe.
  8. Off about 52 field goal attempts, setting a record for FGA in one game? Gratz on being the most selfish chucker in the history of basketball, now he can ride off into the sunset with Shaq's hard earned rings and I can stop having to hear about him on First Take every day.
  9. i quit, such fuckng bull shit

    Wow this came literally hours after your road to max 30 def topic lmao, that fucking sucks. Time to become an EoP main I guess!
  10. Lets write a story

    make Solo EoP's Director of Arab Affairs
  11. Favourite Place To Fight

    Can't even remember what osrs wildy looks like, but pre-EoC I really liked fighting anywhere where there were buildings, particularly those ruins where those red spiders are south of dwarves (near FO trees), hillz hut, and black knights castle. Back in BH/PvP era, fighting at the hills (sperm etc) next to where clan wars arena was was a lot of fun too, as clans could run in and out of safe zone and as there were only like 4 worlds, it always just turned into a huge shitfest cluster that we'd nearly always win, was a lot of fun. Pretty much anywhere with some obstacles for callers to navigate to/around, and far away from single or tele return spots so that clans like CP and Fi can't run in and out of it waiting for all their 1 bangs to return.