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  1. Hobbys

    Don't build/race cars, just generally interested in them xD Only thing stopping me from owning a bike are the winters here :/
  2. Fom Cleared after 7 hours - rag war

    Seemed like you had things under control, but wish I came for more :/
  3. Looked fun. Sorry I missed, had some irl stuff come up last minute
  4. EoP F2P Saturday ~ 10/13

    EOP went dogwalking today
  5. @skeez ??? wyd

  6. Buying GP - poke me on TS.

  7. oh yah thats 92 OwO

    take a chill pill
  8. hexis trump

    u must be rich off chins
  9. Won't be on saturday sorry

    idk what that means but it sound redneck so gl and come back soon
  10. another 1 down

    rs3 is calling...
  11. 90 hunter

  12. get that salami

    missing Smash Bros rn