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Status Updates posted by rEB

  1. let this be the hour when we draw swords together

  2. Quite boring slaying my girlfriend every night, getting mad hoes, have plenty of time to demoralize bad clans.

  3. dawn will be upon us soon

  4. almost that time again

  5. Anniversary soon, start stocking up on returns

  6. 2020, start clearing your schedules 

  7. take me back...

  8. Important topic coming up soon. Stay tuned.

  9. Merry Christmas eop fam

  10. rEB

    look what the cat dragged in...

    1. Jew


      essendon suck dick retard

  11. Rip Stan Lee, legend

  12. p2p fullout today, be on early

  13. me waiting for the big things

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor waiting skeleton

  14. Day 2 No Nut November I can finally see colors

  15. feeling cute rn, might delete later


  16. the year is 2016, dropped out of uni 1 month ago, just finished wiping my last granny ass of the day. I go back home for eop trip only to listen to Tyler scream in my earphones  and take attendance, life is good.

  17. winter is coming

    1. matt


      EOP is a polar bear

  18. It's 2011, i'm a turmoil pure in eop, just finished my shift at the cinema, pick up some Maccie D's on the way home, jump on the computer for eop trip to hear allen/milky shout in my headphone, life is good.