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  1. Former EOP

    Yo, how's it going guys. Former EOP member from 2010 here. Just wondering how I get in touch with everyone? No teamspeak anymore? Assuming everyone just using discord now. Started the account back up and semi close to being maxed and ready to go.
  2. Former EOP

    Yo, thanks bud. Yeah I remember you of course. Lol
  3. [VID] EoP Saturday | 3/3/2018

    actually bodied
  4. eop f2p sat pic dump

    lmfao clapped
  5. Did I tele to lumbridge "Wait, Where's my stuff?!" Nice kill lol
  6. EOP's Official GFX Gallery

  7. 2 defence whopwhopp

    Join the #CronicUniT 21 DEF
  8. DW I GOT THIS -__-

  9. Ok loots. http://puu.sh/3H873 http://puu.sh/3Hef4 http://puu.sh/3Hehq.jpg
  10. My first 99 Skill Cape

    That 3 defence is an excellent accomplishment! Gratz on 99 man. Keep it up.