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  1. Selling RS name "I Didnt Ask"

    was selling cheap assholes lol. not a bad pvp name and is also a common saying so I think its pretty good you fucks
  2. Selling RS name "I Didnt Ask"

    I Didn't Ask Pm me an offer or comment. May also have a max main to sell in the near future after I get the defence up. Was my old pure that I sold and my irl friend quit playing it but he got it def so im making it into a main bc its 43def maxed 108cb lol.. ugly
  3. #1 sunday - all eyes on eop

    "final ownage" getting wrekt north while his clan is all ca??? is he okay???
  4. Another one down

    lmao just changed my baby pures name to "FO slump"
  5. Another one down

    I say they just close honestly lol
  6. Stayed up late and got my imbued god cape tonight as well as stocked back up on my returns(some stuff still buying) Shit was pretty cancer but I enjoyed figuring it out on my own. If you haven't been coming to midweeks I advise you do because drops are outrageous. Almost every kill I get looks something like the photos below and a lot of people in the clan have already gotten plus ones at rev caves so make sure you're coming so you don't miss out!

    was gunna take pic while around foes capes but was panicking bc was out while I dropped 4 more ppl after the first 4
  8. Reign swiftly ended

    thanks everyone.. and I know i shouldn't have i was baked last night when i didnt go hide my shit with the rest tht was in my coffer and i passed out.. woke up to nothing but 100m in coffer.. also 2 def like why not drop my fire cape while you're at it ya fucking scum ass piece of god damn shit. hope he suffers and dies soon. On the bright side I'm visiting Sweden soon <3
  9. Rip to my 250-300m. If La Quica has ever known your info bc he quested for you I would advise you change all of your info. I don't click on links in ts and I've never even been on any other ts or any other clans site. The only person with access was La Quica, which he seen 100m in my bank the first two days he was questing for me no problems.. I bought kodai and didnt put all my cash in coffer and he took it all except for what was in coffer. He also got me 2 defence after I've worked relentlessly trying to max out as fast as I could. Guess let me know if he gives it back bc I'm not spending another dime on this game.