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  1. serious?

    are all the posts about the anni serious like are we actually doing this and when is it?
  2. Former EOP

    debb died to an ent
  3. EOP: The Rebirth

    real shit? on allah?
  4. my first pet :)

    my first ever pet @ lvl 59 thieving lmfao
  5. I want come trio tomorro

    do a firecape for me and ill lend u my maxed pure :)
  6. Quest Slave Service

    ahh sry bud only looking to do pure quests atm, just did a bgloves order and i jusst wanna do chill quests :)
  7. Quest Slave Service

    Questing packages for pures, if you need a vouch ask Debb, Jamz, Luxx etc. Rules: - You pay first (OSRS GP) - You supply $ for Bond, Gear and Supplies I will need to get requirements and quest items - You don't log in to the account until I'm finished unless I need you to - I'm not responsible for any related bans (idk why there would be anyway) I've just finished my last exam and have 4 months off school, will be grinding quest orders fast and one at a time so don't be salty if I'm already fulfilling an order for someone HMU on forum DMs or my discord: Armchairs#9369
  8. Buying firecape

    1 def 75 range 45 prayer 68 hp quote me prices plz need done asap
  9. Buying nice clean RSN

    LMK if you have a cool RSN for sale, paying paypal or osrs gp ty
  10. Welcome to the Family

    X-Large gratz