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  1. Vote ASAP Mother is calling...

    What @jojo said
  2. Ye, i think so too, but overall theyre basically on the same level to me. It looks like no1 is going to take a straight W with this, except the rap game.
  3. sick af rsn


    7.5m now? What a joke.
  5. 5 strong eop men tank n clear 20 shit fo

    looks like eops still undefeated in wildy. best part was the end of the vid btw, some fo kid spamming "eop cleared" as they tele out.
  6. 87/94+

  7. what to do with this account?

    60 atk piety or 99 def range tank
  8. Fo F2P Saturday AUDIO 21st JULY 2018

    God damn lol
  9. saturday player kill own

    Heard that they managed to pull ~40 despite having 35 applicants Yikes
  10. Didnt look hard at all
  11. EoP vs Apex ~ 4v4 Single Run in ~ 2-1

    Looks like eop still undefeated in wildy, even daily minis cant save you from that.
  12. Looks like eop remains undefeated vs fi in the last 3 years