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  1. Former EOP

    when will the sleeping giant awaken again
  2. Killa makes a heartfelt status update like most of the sweaty neckbeards didn't just join other clans lmfao

    1. Killa


      real recognise real

    2. :^)


      read forum pm brother

  3. Vote ASAP Mother is calling...

    no, cuz i'm a little bitch
  4. haven't played RS in 5 months, still better then FO

  5. just keep in mind i'm the greatest gfx artist out there 


  6. lmfao came back onto eop/fo forums and saw Fo is getting absolutely dicked on my RoT lmfao stay easy retards

  7. What happened to EOP?

    blame crims
  8. Buying nice clean RSN

    gl friend
  9. Gettin money

    with the retards flaming in here i'm about to turn the pure i made into a zerker lmfao
  10. Selling 3 RSN's

    i'll give u 20m for the last one
  11. First pure to get this!

    I work nights so I’m asleep during trips, at work during preps, my wife is pregnant again, you’re damn right I turned my account into something that I can just log in and do whatever I want when I get the chance
  12. it took 2 weeks, 35 quests but i finally did it