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  1. The Death of Fom

  2. Went from low life xlpc rat to big-dick eop warrior!!
  3. Never trust fat mexicans

  4. My final farewell

    get C fatzar
  5. need halo service

    willing to pay good, hmu
  6. just got my first 3k paycheck for 2 weeks of work, feels good to be educated and working for a tech company!

  7. [TRUSTED] Energy's Questing/Training Service

    @EnergyI need services homie
  8. buy 100m .65

    pm on ts
  9. BUYING Firecape / Cwars services

  10. buy 100m .65

    i tried to buy off him but he has issues with paypal so he refunded me.
  11. buy 100m .65


  12. Never forget who killed your clan

    these forums are ass tbh
  13. Trust The Process

    1. Parm


      Skeezuz christ man