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  1. if yung bego dont trust u know what happens

  2. 99 farming

  3. when the red giant calls answer shall i, we back

    1. Parm


      Need a new edition of Erupted News...

    2. Alexander


      give me the latest gossip @Parm my friend @rEB told me there's a new queen in town

  4. big pker man

    taking 50% tax, sent me 10$ on paypal
  5. ty lol

    get a life tijmen
  6. hi selling gp for swedes

    hello eop selling loads of gp to any swedish guy for a great price pma mig på forums bara så löser vi allt via swish tackkk o hejjjjj
  7. farewell eop & friends

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    2. Alexander
    3. debb


      this guy is back already LOOL loser @Alexander add me on snap again

    4. Alexander


      peace brothers, thank you all for the love

  8. Envy closes its doors

    only veteran after 3 years of slaving? cmon eop
  9. is oldschool req 1,5 years now or something?

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    2. Alexander


      fking losers man i miss the m69era

    3. Keto Togo

      Keto Togo

      reb dropped the dishes he was carrying when he saw spark with oldschool @Alexander

    4. Alexander



  10. <18:03:14> "[ToyCar] Speshls": bro eop is dead
    <18:03:19> "[ToyCar] Speshls": they prmoted 21 people

  11. [07:46] <[email protected]> you guys actually dickride alexander so hard 
    [07:46] <[email protected]> u guys give him whatever he wants when he snaps his fingers