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Operation #71: Eruption of Pures leak 63,500 lines of Final Ownage leader IRC

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Produced and Published by:


17 as [eOp]17

Tyler as DULL

debb as debb

Nick as [eOp]nICK




Let's rewind the clocks back to around 4-6 weeks ago where Final Ownage publicly condoned the doxing of me and allowed one of THEIR members to post a video containing my dox on their website (thanks for showing everyone how good I look, come do something btw). Once again, Fo crossed the boundaries by taking things out of game. Not only that, more recently, their own Warlord happily condoned the ddosing of one of EoP's core members, Shoan:


[19:56] <Shoan> Only FO has my ip  [19:56] <Shoan> Sort it  [19:57] <Tederick> okay im going to make sure ur offline  [19:57] <Tederick> good job pming me


Now, as everyone in the pure community knows, NOBODY tries to damage EoP without getting damaged HARDER in return. I have personally chosen to not post anyone's information publicly as many innocent people would get hurt for their ranks' actions, and that isn't fair.


Now as everyone has witnessed, EoP has taken Fo from pulling 80-90's consistently, to struggling to pull 55's. We've demoralized them so much in game, they even had a discussion in their Elite boards containing the cancellation of F2P trips permanently. 


Special Mention:


To the whole Fo rank team from top to bottom. It is by far, one of the worst rank teams any clan has ever experienced. From Estonian's, to Brazilian's, to mutes, to gay construction workers, to 2k16 clanners and much more. You guys are the reason any of this is possible. Your absolutel incompetence and lack of knowledge for rivalries is the reason we put you in this position you are in today, and we will never, ever, let you recover.


Without further ado, on behalf of the whole EoP rank team, I present to you:


Final Ownage leader IRC:



Proof the logs aren't fake:




Post funny logs:


Before I leave, enjoy this little sneak peak:




Stay tuned for Fo leaderboards. I'll post them when I feel like it.


Imagine being in a clan where one of your own ranks are spying on you, and you have 0 idea who it is LOL. To every Fo member, oldschool, veteran, elder, legend, rank or anyone at all reading this: /query [eOp]17, DULL, debb or [eOp]nICK on SwiftIRC to become rich.

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weak mentality clan

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fo nub scum clan owned 






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