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Forum Upgrade

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A few weeks ago I made the decision to upgrade EoP's forums to a later and more modern version of the software the clan has always used before I go back to university. I have successfully upgraded the website to the latest version and some things should be noted.

  1. All 2 step authentication across all forum accounts have been reset. You can go ahead and delete the old one and re-add the new one.
  2. Forum sign in names, usernames, and display names share the same values now. If you had a different sign in name than your display name, your new sign in name is your display name.
  3. If you notice some sort of content being glitchy (post,topic,polls,etc), this is to be expected as there are background processes rebuilding all forum data (1.9 million posts).


I have also upgraded the backend setup that runs the forums during this down-time. It will take time to rebuild all the custom plugins I had for IPB 3, but I will manage to write them from now to the time I'm back in school. I would rather have forums online with the out-of-the-box functions than wait a week to have forums with the previous features we had. 


To upgrade the forums, some initial upfront costs were required. I made a topic in member chat about the upgrading of forums and was overwhelmed with support of our members. The following members have been awarded with a Contributor award under their profile as well as the Donator award for their contributions towards the success of this upgrade:

  1. @Fistpuncher
  2. @Wee-Bey
  3. @foxy
  4. @Golli
  5. @Nightz
  6. @Empire Mind
  7. @ParaCommando




Sponsors have helped this upgrade by paying for server costs of TeamSpeak and forums. I recommend you to check out these sites and use their service/play their game if that's something that is interesting to you. 


If you need your forum password reset or have any other forum-oriented questions, contact the following people below on discord

  • (joey#1337)
  • (debb#0380)
  • (Solo#7798)


@Advanced @Applicant @Captain @Elder   @High Council @@Leader @Legend @Member @Old School @Retired @Senior

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i would have contributed myself but legit every clan ive donated to closed within 24 hrs ask @debb


new forums lookin clean though

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I don’t like change :angry:

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Looks good, thanks @joey and everyone who contributed to this upgrade

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