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EoP's Sunday: Dominating the Clusters

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Discord: http://eop-rs.org/discord

Teamspeak: ts.eop-rs.org

10/28/18: On this fine Sunday the Red Giant set sail with over 60 pirates ready for some quality P2P action. While the trip would start out with every clan hiding in singles for some time, eventually we were able to start some nice clusters and get some good action in the second half of the trip.

Good fight to all clans








Got a nice cluster going on near corp cave. We would start it off by getting a crash into the IR/SUP fight. They would then go on to call daddy FO who we would then turn on and begin fucking up as well. Apex would eventually crash all of us from behind, allowing for some nice good p2p weekend action. We would smoke a shit ton and get a ton of free kills before we regrouped.


Caught the local retards lacking near corp beast. We would go on to fight them 1v1 and hold our own despite being down opts (no surprise, their quality is shit l0l) They would go on to be forced to call their dog clan sup to try and sandwich us, but we dipped out before the slowclan could log in lmfao nice try spastic faggots



Got word of number 10 matched getting a fight against MASSER clans near 26 hill. As soon as we logged in they began to tele out and run. Any stragglers left were quickly killed, and just for good measure we finished off the masser clans for fun. Not hard losers







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