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EoP's Sunday | Putting the Nail in Shitpremacy's coffin

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Discord: http://eop-rs.org/discord

Teamspeak: ts.eop-rs.org

11/4/18: On this fine Sunday the Red Giant set sail with over 75 pirates ready for some quality P2P action. While our 'rivals' would camp singles and walk around like headless chickens, it allowed us the opportunity to behead their little doggy clan supremacy. During our trip we would ensure that the only action they would get during their trip would be listening to their crumbling leadership fight with one another (JUST WAIT FOR THE AUDIO LMFAO). 

Good fight to all clans who actually tried to get action today l0l









Got word of Sup trying to set up a fight with fi just east of ruins, cleared them in 10 seconds lmfao no problem. Keep running and tping away from us, we're never going to off you! They would later try to bring a fight over to sperm to set up another fight, but before they could get there were on them like white on rice, for the second time of what seemed like 1000, Sup would tele to edge, to only go to CWA and stay lobbied.

Good fight you fucking retards



Supremacy with their 35 man pull tried to get a 1v1 vs Misfits (lol). We would log into them at Fally and smoke them to the point where they would tele to edge and log out in fear of the spams to come. For the next half an hour the clan would hug singles lines and be in random worlds.... Wow this clan is looking to be in very poor shape lol!

This would be the last action they got the whole trip, as they would end to try and get into their daddy clan's capes lmfao

Fo, are you just going to allow us to slap around your puppet clan like that? Do something about it you fucking morons



Got a clean fight with the sharks at bandits, where they defended. We would run into them and catch them in nice clumps on the lava line. We belted the north side to the point where they would tele out, and at that point we did as well.

Good fight sharkclan















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sup ended in 1hr LOL

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