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EoP's P2P Sunday Trip: Easy 3-0 on FOM (again)

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Discord: http://eop-rs.org/discord

Teamspeak: ts.eop-rs.org

11/25/18: On this fine Sunday the Red Giant set sail with over 70 pirates ready for some quality P2P action. While our rivals would go on to run around hitting any clan not named EoP, we were having none of it. Every time they tried to start a fight or crash our fights we were setting up, they would swiftly be punished like the rats they are. The only way they could combat this was by trying to start spam wars in edge in between fights? Looks like you guys are pretty broken tbh... Not hard at all by the way.


Good fight to the competent clans!




uploading the carnage




While we were about to fight Apex just east of Ruins, FO decided to try and log in to fight us.  We immediately began to focus FO and blew them up in massive clumps (not hard btw lmfao.) They would resort to having to call Sup, who we would turn on despite being low food before killing a bunch of them aswell and teleing out. Not hard faggots.
Got word of the two fighting by sperm. We would log in from CA and begin to focus the fo, smoking them rapidly. They would go on to tele out before they could call their doggo clan sup to come hit it. When the fight dragged south, we would run into another cluster with IR before teleing out.
Fo fucking cleared while being up opts? L0l good fight retards
Got word of a massive cluster between all clans at Bandits. While FO began to hug the lava line near the camp, we would run through the rest of the clans to secure the gwas on those faggots. We had at least 30 kids in one clump, smoking them immediately and forcing them to either die or tele out. 
I thought you guys were supposed to beat us today? L000000l











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