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Saturday: Fighting 1v2 Against Apex and Fatality

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Discord: http://eop-rs.org/discord
Teamspeak: ts.eop-rs.org

12/8/2018: On this fine Saturday the ship set sail with 60 Pirates ready for some quality F2P action.  With a few clans pulling the same opts today, we knew we where in for some clean fights.  Action started quickly as we left mass and jumped into a 3 way cluster against Apex and Fatality almost immediately.  After our fight had ended, all clans had either ended or walked around the Wilderness without any action.  We decided to take advantage of our time and head to clan wars to fight Apex in a first to 100 where we would come out on top by 10~ kills.
Thanks to everyone for showing up today, well done!










Our trip would get underway almost immediately after leaving mass.  We walked up towards Bandit Camp and hopped into a fight between Apex and Fatality.  We crashed and forced both clans back inside the camp.  We held the east door for the start of the fight and eventually pushed both clans around the outskirts of the camp.  The fight went back and forth but remained in our favor for the majority of the fight.  We gained opts and continued to position ourselves where both clans couldn't sandwich us.  The fight would get crashed roughly 30~ minutes in, from there we'd leave and claim our win.  Thanks for the action!


After our original fight had ended, we walked towards Bandit Camp again in hopes of clans heading back into multi.  We were let down as everyone had basically ended their trips.  We contacted Apex and asked for a first to 100 in clan wars, they gladly accepted.  Both clans dropped a few opts to even the playing field, regardless the fight was a 45v45~.  In the end we would come out on top with a score of 100-92.  Thanks for the clean action as always, Apex.







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ya dun knoe

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